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Title: Efficacy and safety of once-daily nitisinone for patients with alkaptonuria (SONIA 2): an international, multicentre, open-label, randomised controlled trial
Authors: Ranganath, L. R.
Psarelli, E. E.
Arnoux, J. -B.
Braconi, Daniela 
Briggs, M.
Broijersen, A.
Loftus, N.
Bygott, H.
Cox, T. F.
Davison, A. S.
Dillon, J. P.
Fisher, M.
FitzGerald, R.
Genovese, F.
Glasova, H.
Hall, A. K.
Hughes, A. T.
Hughes, J. H.
Imrich, R.
Jarvis, J. C.
Khedr, M.
Laan, D.
Le Quan Sang, K. -H.
Luangrath, E.
Lukacova, O.
Milan, A. M.
Mistry, A.
Mlynarikova, V.
Norman, B. P.
Olsson, B.
Rhodes, N. P.
Rovensky, J.
Rudebeck, M.
Santucci, Annalisa 
Shweihdi, E.
Scott, C.
Sedlakova, J.
Sireau, N.
Stancik, R.
Szamosi, J.
Taylor, S.
van Kan, C.
Vinjamuri, S.
Vrtikova, E.
Webb, C.
West, E.
Zanova, E.
Zatkova, A.
Gallagher, J. A.
Keywords: Adult; Aged; Alkaptonuria; Cyclohexanones; Drug Administration Schedule; Enzyme Inhibitors; Female; Homogentisic Acid; Humans; Longitudinal Studies; Male; Middle Aged; Nitrobenzoates; Single-Blind Method; Treatment Outcome; Internationality
Issue Date: 2020
Project: None 
ISSN: 2213-8587
DOI: 10.1016/S2213-8587(20)30228-X
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