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Title: Effect of resveratrol on platelet aggregation by fibrinogen protection
Authors: Claudia Bonechi Stefania Lamponi Alessandro Donati Gabriella Tamasi Marco Consumi Gemma Leone Claudio Rossi Agnese Magnani
Keywords: Resveratrol Fibrinogen NMR FTIR Platelet adhesion and aggregation
Issue Date: 2017
Project: None 
The effect of resveratrol (RSV) in inhibiting platelet adhesion and aggregation, aswell as fibrinogen (FBG) conformational changes promoted by epinephrine (EP), were studied, by using complementary experimental techniques. NMR and IR spectroscopies were used to investigate possible protective effects by RSV towards FBG, in presence of EP. The protective effect of RSV towards FBGwas highlighted by spin nuclear relaxation experiments thatwere interpreted for determining the thermodynamic equilibrium constants of FBG-EP interaction, and by infrared measurements, that showed EP-induced conformational changes of FBG. The ability of RSV in inhibiting platelet adhesion and aggregation promoted by EP was evaluated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), measuring the platelet adhesion and aggregation degree, in comparison to data obtained for platelet aggregation in platelet rich plasma (PRP). The experimental combined approach pointed out that RSV is able to protect both FBG and platelets from the denaturant and aggregating action of EP at stress level concentration.
ISSN: 0301-4622
DOI: 10.1016/j.bpc.2016.12.004
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