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Title: Selective synthesis of the [Ni36Co8C8(CO)48]6- octa-carbide carbonyl cluster by thermal decomposition of the [H2Ni22Co6C6(CO)36]4- hexa-carbide
Authors: Ciabatti, Iacopo
Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia 
Femoni, Cristina
Iapalucci, Maria Carmela
Longoni, Giuliano
Zacchini, Stefano
Keywords: Carbon; Carbon Monoxide; Cobalt; Models, Molecular; Molecular Structure; Nickel; Temperature
Issue Date: 2013
Project: None 
The thermal decomposition in thf solution of [H2Ni22Co6C6(CO)36](4-) results in the new [HNi36Co8C8(CO)48](5-) bimetallic Ni-Co octa-carbide, which can be converted into the closely related [H6-nNi36Co8C8(CO)48](n-) (n = 3-6) polyhydrides by means of acid-base reactions. The structure of the [Ni36Co8C8(CO)48](6-) hexa-anion has been established via X-ray crystallography, showing that the eight interstitial carbide atoms are lodged within different metal cages. Thus, two C-atoms are enclosed within regular square anti-prismatic Ni8C cages, four within irregular Ni8C square anti-prismatic cages, and the last two within mono-capped trigonal prismatic Ni5Co2C cages. The structure of [Ni36Co8C8(CO)48](6-) is non-compact and closely related to [Ni32C6(CO)38](6-) and [HNi38C6(CO)44](5-). [Ni36Co8C8(CO)48](6-) approaches the nanosize regime and the whole molecular ion has a diameter (measured from the outer oxygen atoms) of ca. 1.61 nm.
ISSN: 1477-9226
DOI: 10.1039/c3dt50710f
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