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Title: Effective upwelling irradiance depths in turbid waters: a spectral analysis of origins and fate
Authors: Ma, R
G., Jiang
H., Duan
L., Bracchini
Loiselle, Steven Arthur 
Issue Date: 2011
Project: None 
The spectral distribution of upwelling and downwelling irradiance were used to estimate the effective upwelling irradiance depth as well as examine the angular distribution of the downwelling radiance. The effective upwelling depth was seen to undergo spectral “shifts” in wavelength maxima in relation to elevated particulate concentrations. Wavelengths of the UVA minimum and mid visible maximum depths were found to be shifted to higher wavelengths (red shifted) at high particulate concentrations, while expected minimums at chlorophyll and phycocyanin absorption peaks and in the NIR were shifted to lower wavelengths (blue shifted). By comparing upwelling and downwelling irradiance profiles, the wavelength limits of the asymptotic angular radiance distribution were found to correspond to the visible spectral domain (390 – 740 nm).
ISSN: 1094-4087
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