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Title: A novel environmental indicator for monitoring of pesticides
Authors: Luchi, F.
Vigni, V.
Basosi, Riccardo 
Busi, Elena 
Keywords: Environmental indicator; Pesticides monitoring; Model system; Multi-residual approach
Issue Date: 2011
Project: None 
The identification of an indicator formonitoring pesticides is a very effective analyticalapproach because it allows one to schedule andsimplify the analytical routine. In this study, a newindicator has been designed, which has to be ableto define a scale of priorities in the pesticidesmonitoring. A starting equation was developedinvolving the escaping tendency of a given substancefrom a phase (based on the Mackay modelI level). The reliability of the indicator was testedby application to a model system, consisting of adefined and limited area, choosing water as matrixover a period of 6 years. A group of marker compoundswas also defined to implement the predictiveefficacy of the indicator. The results obtainedby modeling were compared to those obtainedby experimentation of the same model system.The indicator was subsequently and appropriatelymodified creating a new equation, including akinetic factor, which considers the environmentaldegradation processes. The effect of the rectifiedindicator was consistent with the sales datalist of compounds, when applied to the markers.The indicator developed in this study, tested asa model on specific area-phase-period (Provinceof Siena, water phase, 2000–2006), is applicable toany other area-phase-period, adjusting the partitionvalue of theMackay model for the case understudy.
ISSN: 0167-6369
DOI: 10.1007/s10661-010-1626-x
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