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Title: Design and synthesis of Thiadiazoles and Thiazoles targeting the Bcr-Abl T315I mutant: from docking false positives to ATP-noncompetitive inhibitors
Authors: Botta, Maurizio 
Crespan, E
Falchi, F
Bernardo, V
Zanoli, S
Manetti, Fabrizio 
Schenone, S
Maga, G
Botta, Maurizio 
Issue Date: 2010
Project: None 
Overcoming resistance: In an effort to optimize our previously identified dual Src/Abl hits, a new series of 1,3,4-thiadiazoles and 1,3-thiazoles were designed and synthesized, paying particular attention to the reduction of their lipophilicity and to the improvement of the affinity towards the drug-resistant T315I mutant. Compound 5 was identified as a promising allosteric inhibitor of the T315I mutant.
ISSN: 1860-7179
DOI: 10.1002/cmdc.201000066
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