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Title: Supramolecular metal-polypyridyl and Ru(II) porphyrin complexes: Photophysical, electron paramagnetic resonance, and electrochemical studies
Authors: Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia 
Grigiotti, E.
Laschi, Franco 
Zanello, Piero
Juris, A.
Prodi, L.
Chichak, K. S.
Branda, N. R.
Issue Date: 2008
Project: None 
A series of mixed-metal supramolecular porphyrin arrays in which the geometry of the central metal-polypyridyl moiety defines the spatial arrangement of two or more Ru(II)-porphyrin units through axial coordination have been prepared by employing self-assembly based protocols, and their photophysical and electrochemical properties have been studied. The electrochemical properties of the constituent parts of these arrays depend only on their own chemical environment, regardless of the nuclearity and the overall charge of the compound; in this way species with predetermined redox patterns can be obtained via the synthetic control of the self-assembly process. Interestingly, several of these arrays are luminescent both at room and at low temperatures, and in many cases core-to-periphery or periphery-to-core intramolecular energy transfer processes take place according to the nature of the central metal template.
ISSN: 0020-1669
DOI: 10.1021/ic7018428
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