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Title: Penetration of solar radiation into waters of Messina Strait (Italy)
Authors: Dattilo, A. M.
Decembrini, F.
Bracchini, L.
Focardi, Silvia
Mazzuoli, S.
Rossi, Claudio 
Issue Date: 2005
Project: None 
The optical properties of the waters of five different stations, threelocated in the Messina Strait and two near the Strait (open sea), were analysed.Direct spectral measurements of the downward solar irradiance (290 – 800 nm) atdifferent depths (0.5 m, 7 m, 10 m, 13 m, 20 m) were made using a cosine sensorconnected to a spectroradiometer. Water samples were collected in the surface layerand their absorption spectra were analysed. The natural fluorescence profiles, alongthe water column, were determined using a fluorometer (SBE 911plus – Sea Teach).The spectral attenuation coefficient (Kλ), the variation of Kλ in different wavelengthranges (ΔKΔλ), the wavelength corresponding to minimum value of Kλ, the spectraldepths of penetration of both 1% and 10% of the sub-surface irradiance values (Pλ),the depths of 1% of penetration of UVB, UVA and PAR, the depth ranges of themaxim concentration of Chl a and superficial CDOM were measured at eachstation. The maximum solar UVB penetration was about 65% of the photic zone andthe maximum UVA penetration was nearly 100% (data of the Ionic sea station).Thus, a large part of the photic zone was exposed to UV radiation sufficient to causea possible reduction in the photosynthetic activity of phytoplankton. The spectralpenetration of solar radiation, especially UVB radiation, was significantly differentin the three stations of the Strait with respect to the two stations studied in the opensea. This shows that variations in the spectral attenuation along the water column canbe used as an indicator of properties of the water body.
ISSN: 0003-4592
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