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Title: Probing the role of metal ions on reversible peptide-protein interactions by NMR
Authors: N., D'Amelio
Gaggelli, Elena 
Gaggelli, Nicola 
F., Mancini
E., Molteni
Valensin, Daniela 
Valensin, Gianni 
Issue Date: 2004
Project: None 
This work provides evidence that paramagnetic lanthanide ions constitute ideal probes suitable for investigations of metal effects upon peptide-receptor interactions with the use of NMR methods. Cerium(Ill) is herein used for assessing metal effects upon the interaction between angiotensin II and a fragment from the AT(1A) receptor. Angiotensin II forms a complex with cerium(Ill) in water while the fCT(300-320) receptor fragment is poorly affected by cerium(III). However, the addition of the fragment displaces cerium(III) from the complex, thus directly demonstrating the higher affinity of angiotensin II for the receptor and probing the peptide residues involved in receptor binding.
ISSN: 0712-4813
DOI: 10.1155/2004/583454
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