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Title: Performance of Waterborne Cu(II) Octanoate/Ethanolamine Wood Presevatives
Authors: M., Humar
F., Pohleven
M., Sentjurc
M., Veber
P., Razpotnik
Pogni, Rebecca 
M., Petric
Issue Date: 2003
Project: None 
Various aqueous wood preservative solutions containing Cu(II) in the form of copper(II) sulphate or copper(II) octanoate, ethanolamine and in one case octanoic acid were investigated by spectrophotometry, polarography and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. Results have shown the same coordination environment around Cu(II) in all solutions with ethanolamine. Computer simulation of the EPR spectra also revealed that the coordination in the first coordination sphere of copper is the same at low concentration of ethanolamine. At 20% ethanolamine concentration, a mixture of two complexes (one with two nitrogens and the other with three) could be detected. The active compound in the investigated ethanolamine containing solutions is the same when previously synthesised copper(II) octanoate was used, or when copper(II) sulphate and octanoic acid were utilized instead. Fungicidal and leaching experiments with the treated wood resulted in the same conclusion: it is not necessary to use pre-synthesised copper(II) octanoate for the preparation of waterborne copper/ethanolamine wood preservatives. Preservative preparation time and costs can be reduced by simply dissolving copper(II) sulphate and octanoic acid in aqueous ethanolamine solutions.
ISSN: 0018-3830
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