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Title: Inhibition of FasL sustains phagocytic cells and dalays myogenesis in regenerating muscle fibers.
Authors: Sandri, M.
Sandri, C.
Brun, B.
Giurisato, Emanuele 
Cantini, M.
Rossini, K.
Destro, C.
Arslan, P.
Carraro, U.
Issue Date: 2001
Project: None 
Macrophage-muscle cell interactions are complex, and the majority is unknown. The persistence of inflammatory cells in skeletal muscle could be critical for myofiber viability. In the present paper, we show that FasL plays a role in the resolution of muscle inflammation. We analyzed inflamed muscles of normal mice treated from day 3 to day 8 with a FasL inhibitor (Fas-Ig) or with control Ig. Treated muscles were collected at 3, 5, and 10 days. The treatment with recombinant Fas-Ig protein induced a severe persistence of inflammatory cells at 5 days (115,000+/-27,838 vs. 41,661+/-6848, p<0.01) and 10 days from injury (145,500+/-40,850 vs. 5000+/-1000, p<0.001). Myofiber regeneration was highly impaired (37+/-14 vs. 252+/-28, p<0.01). Apoptosis of phagocytic cells was absent during Fas-Ig treatment (0.9+/-0.6 vs. 1300+/-150, p<0.0001), but apoptotic, mononucleated cells appeared at day 10, 2 days after the suspension of Fas-Ig administration. The time course of FasL expression during muscle inflammation, at mRNA and protein level, reveals a peak during myoblast proliferation. The peak of FasL expression coincides with the peak of apoptosis of phagocytic cells. In situ hybridization shows the co-expression of FasL and MyoD mRNA in mononucleated cells, i.e., myoblasts. Experiments on the myoblast cell culture confirmed the expression of FasL in myoblasts. The findings shown here indicate one of the pathways to control myoblast-macrophage interaction and might be relevant for the control of inflammatory cells in muscle tissue. Perhaps altering FasL expression with recombinant proteins could ameliorate inflammation in degenerative myopathies and up-regulate muscle regeneration.
ISSN: 0741-5400
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