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Title: The role of Fbg in platelet adhesion to polymeric materials in conditions of psychological stress
Authors: Lamponi, Stefania 
Barbucci, Rolando
Keywords: stress, platelet morphology, polymeric materials, fibrinogen, serum proteins
Issue Date: 1999
Project: None 
The effect of psychological stress on platelet adhesion to five polymeric materials (polyurethane, polyurethane filled with BaSO4, polyethyleneterephthalate, silicone and low-density polyethylene) was studied. The platelets were obtained from non-stressed and stressed rabbits as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and, once washed (Pw), were suspended in different media, i.e. in platelet poor plasma (Pw-PPP), in serum (Pw-S) and in Krebs-Ringer solution (Pw-KR). Scanning electron microscopy of platelet adhesion and morphology revealed differences in the platelet activating power of the various materials. The washing procedure and resuspension in PPP generally resulted in an increased number of adherent platelets, compared with the number of platelets adherent to the same material in PRP. However, platelets washed and suspended in Pw-KR or Pw-S showed the same shape distribution as in PRP. When platelets from stressed rabbits were used, there was very strong aggregation and activation of the platelets in both PRP and Pw-PPP, independent of the chemical nature and surface structure of the material. In contrast, in Pw-KR and Pw-S tin which Fbg is absent) a general picture of single, not very modified platelets was observed. Their number and shapes changed according to the nature of the different materials. On the whole, the present results confirm our original hypothesis of a key role of the psychological condition of the blood donor and strongly indicate Fbg as the determinant factor in the pattern of platelet adhesion.
ISSN: 0142-9612
DOI: 10.1016/S0142-9612(99)00074-5
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