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Title: Sulphated Hyaluronic Acids : a Chemicaland Biological Characterisation
Authors: Magnani, Agnese 
Lamponi, Stefania 
R., Rappuoli
Barbucci, Rolando
Keywords: hyaluronic acid; sulphated hyaluronic acid; physicochemical characterization; enzymatic digestion; anticoagulant activity; biocompatibility; platelet aggregation and activation; MW influence; copper(II) complexes; endothelial cells migration; angiogenesis; new blood-compatible materials
Issue Date: 1998
Project: None 
This review focuses on the possibility of modifying hyaluronic acid bythe insertion of sulphate groups in order to obtain heparin-like compounds withcontrollable properties. In particular, the physicochemical and biological behaviour of sulphated hyaluronic acid with various degrees of sulphation (HyalSx)and di†erent molecular weights has been particularly investigated.The mobilization of endothelial cells was investigated by the use of copper(II)complexes with and the results were compared with those from the corre- HyalSxsponding complex with heparin.New materials containing proposed for biomedical applications.
ISSN: 0959-8103
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