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Title: Immobilization of Heparin and Highly-SulphatedHyaluronic Acid onto Plasma-Treated Polyethylene
Authors: Pietro, Favia
Fabio, Palumbo
Riccardo, D'Agostino
Lamponi, Stefania 
Magnani, Agnese 
Barbucci, Rolando
Keywords: plasma treatment; immobilization; heparin; sulphated hyaòuronic acid
Issue Date: 1998
Project: None 
Heparin and highly-sulphated hyaluronic acid have been successfully immobilizedonto plasma-processed polyethylene via a diamine polyethyleneglycol (PEG)spacer molecule. Two different plasma-processes have been utilized, i.e. a treatmentand a deposition process, for providing polyethylene surface with the-COOH groups necessary for the immobilization reactions. XPS integrated withderivatization procedures, ATR-FTIR and Water Contact Angle measurementshave been carried out for characterizing each modification step: 1) the plasmaprocess,2) the immobilization of the spacer molecule and 3) the immobilizationof the biomolecules. The thrombin time of the modified surfaces has been measured,and their platelet activation characteristics evaluated. The results indicatea certain nonthrombogenic character of the biomolecule-immobilized polyethylenesamples.
ISSN: 1084-0184
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