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Title: Selective Mechanochemical Dehalogenation of Chlorobenzenes over Calcium Hydride
Authors: Loiselle, Steven Arthur 
Cocco, G
Branca, M
Mulas, G.
Issue Date: 1997
Project: None 
We have shown that in the presence of a reactive substrate, chlorinated organic compounds can be dehalogenated by mechanical treatment, and a specific reaction product can be obtained. We have used a ball milling process at low temperature and atmospheric pressure to produce a dechlorination of up to 100% for both liquid and solid chlorinated compounds. The products of the completed reaction for trials with hexachlorobenzene and chlorobenzene were both principally restricted to benzene and chloride salts. The use of CaH2 as a source of active hydrogen produces a much more specific reaction in significantly less time in comparison with CaO and MgO substrates reacted under hydrogen atmosphere. The process was found to depend on the injected mechanical energy and the collision frequency. In the case of hexachlorobenzene, an explosive-type reaction was observed to occur at specific milling times as a function of the kinetic energy employed.
ISSN: 0013-936X
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