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Title: NMR structural investigation of the biotin-avidin complex: A C-13 NMR paramagnetic relaxation study
Authors: M., Scarselli
A., Vasco
A., Bonci
M., Rustici
Niccolai, Neri 
Issue Date: 1997
Project: None 
The paramagnetic contributions to the spin-lattice relaxation rates of biotin C-13 nuclei, induced by the presence in the water/DMSO solution of the TEMPOL nitroxide, have been analysed in the interaction with avidin. The paramagnetic relaxation data, obtained at different temperatures, indicate that the average solvent/spin-label exposure of biotin carbons is consistent with the conformational features previously observed for the complex in the crystal. The analysis of the paramagnetic perturbation profiles, derived from C-13 spin lattice relaxation measurements, seems to be highly informative of the sterical aspects of interaction processes of large biopolymers with their ligands.
ISSN: 0038-7010
DOI: 10.1080/00387019708006718
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