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Title: Genomic organization of the human dystrophin gene across the major deletion hot spot and the 3' region.
Authors: C., Nobile
Galvagni, Federico 
J., Marchi
R., Roberts
L., Vitiello
Issue Date: 1995
Project: None 
The genomic organization of most of the human dystrophin gene has not been defined at single-exon level, owing to its enormous size (2300 kb). By taking advantage of a YAC-based restriction map of the gene previously constructed, we have localized individual dystrophin exons from 42 to 79 along the central and 3' regions of the gene. These data elucidate the general organization of this large portion of the gene (1250 kb) and, in particular, characterize the genomic region most frequently involved in deletion mutations responsible for Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies.
ISSN: 0888-7543
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