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Title: Soluble Spin-Label as a NMR Relaxation Probe in the Study of the Enzyme-Substrate Complexes
Authors: Rossi, Claudio 
Marchettini, Nadia
Issue Date: 1994
Project: None 
The paramagnetic contributions induced by TEMPOL soluble spin-label on gentiobiose carbon spin-lattice relaxation rates are analyzed. Selective effects in the beta(1-6) glycosidic bond region were observed. The possibilitty of using soluble spin-label to determine the stereochemistry of the substrate-enzyme interaction was then explored. The results obtained with different diamagnetic and paramagnetic systems enabled us to distinguish the region of gentiobiose most involved in interaction with the enzyme, and the region of the disaccharide molecule located on the surface of the enzyme and most exposed to the nitroxide. The results obtained could be used to model the enzyme surface of the gentiobiose binding site.
ISSN: 0038-7010
DOI: 10.1080/00387019408003238
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