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Niccolai, Neri
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Discipline (SSD)
BIO/10 - Biochimica
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
119911 H‐ and natural abundance 15 N‐nmr studies of a derivative of a rabies glycoprotein fragmentMolinari, H.; Consonni, R.; Pegna, M.; Zetta, L.; Neri, P.; Niccolai, Neri ; Bonci, A.; Lozzi, L.; Rustici, M.; Scarselli, M.Not applicable
2198413C spin-lattice relaxation study of some amino-acid, their phospho-derivatives and some small peptidesL., Pogliani; Niccolai, Neri ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
31994A 1H paramagnetic relaxation study on the interaction of peptides with aminoxyl spin labels in apolar environmentsScarselli, M.; Bonci, A.; Butini, L.; Santucci, Annalisa ; Vasco, A; Mascagni, P.; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
419841H-13C selective NOE studies of the decapeptide gramicidin SNiccolai, Neri ; Rossi, Claudio ; Mascagni, P.; Neri, P.; Gibbons, A. W.Not applicable
519821H-NMR relaxation investigation of water bound to bovine rod outer segment disk membranes.Gaggelli, Elena ; Niccolai, Neri ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
619841H-NMR relaxation studies of glycopeptides: a dynamic structural investigation.Rossi, Claudio ; L., Pogliani; S., Masi; C., Ceccarini; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
71988Antipeptide monoclonal antibodies inhibit the binding of rabiesvirus glycoprotein and alpha-bungarotoxin to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptorBracci, Luisa; Antoni, G.; Cusi, MARIA GRAZIA; Lozzi, Luisa; Niccolai, Neri ; Petreni, S.; Rustici, M.; Santucci, Annalisa ; Soldani, Patrizia ; Valensin, PIER EGISTO; Neri, PaoloNot applicable
82008Biochemical characterization and strong in vivo activity of a novel antimicrobial peptide specific for gram-negative bacteriaPini, Alessandro; Falciani, Chiara; Bindi, S; Iozzi, S; Brunetti, Jlenia; Bernini, Andrea ; Niccolai, Neri ; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Bracci, LuisaNot applicable
92003Biochemical filtering of a protein-protein docking simulation identifies the structure of a complex between a recombinant antibody fragment and alpha-bungarotoxinBracci, Luisa; Pini, Alessandro; Bernini, Andrea ; Lelli, B; Ricci, C; Scarselli, M; Niccolai, Neri ; Neri, P.Not applicable
102002A branched peptide mimotope of the nicotinic receptor binding site is a potent synthetic antidote against the snake neurotoxin alpha-bungarotoxinBracci, Luisa; Lozzi, Luisa; Pini, Alessandro; Lelli, B; Falciani, Chiara; Niccolai, Neri ; Bernini, A; Spreafico, A; Soldani, Patrizia ; Neri, PaoloNot applicable
111987Carbon and Proton Nuclear Magnetic-relaxation Study of Thymidine Thymidine Interaction In SolutionRossi, Claudio ; Niccolai, Neri ; Laschi, Franco Not applicable
121996CD and NMR structural characterization of ceratotoxins, natural peptides with antimicrobial activityRagona, L; Molinari, H; Zetta, L; Longhi, R; Marchini, Daniela; Dallai, R; BERNINI L., F; Lozzi, Luisa; Scarselli, M; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
131993Characterization of immunoreactive octapeptides of human-cytomegalovirus gp58Bonci, A.; Bracci, Luisa; Caudai, C.; Lozzi, Luisa; Moschettini, D.; Niccolai, Neri ; Scarselli, M.; Valensin, PIER EGISTO; Neri, P.Not applicable
142015Cold Denaturation Unveiled: Molecular Mechanism of the Asymmetric Unfolding of Yeast FrataxinSanfelice, Domenico; MORANDI, EDOARDO; PASTORE, ANNALISA; Niccolai, Neri ; Temussi, Piero AndreaNot applicable
152017Computational approach from gene to structure analysis of the human ABCA4 transporter involved in genetic retinal diseasesTrezza, Alfonso ; Bernini, Andrea ; Langella, Andrea; Ascher, David B.; Pires, Douglas E. V.; Sodi, Andrea; Passerini, Ilaria; Pelo, Elisabetta; Rizzo, Stanislao; Niccolai, Neri ; Spiga, Ottavia Not applicable
161985Confirmation of the Solution Structure of Tyrocidine-a Using Perturbation of Proton Relaxation Rates By Nitroxide Spin LabelsN., Zhou; P., Mascagni; W. A., Gibbons; Niccolai, Neri ; Rossi, Claudio ; H., WyssbrodNot applicable
171978Coordination behaviour of antithyroid drugs against the Fe(I)(NO)2 group in solution: ESR and FT-NMR study.Basosi, Riccardo ; Niccolai, Neri ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
181978Correlation time measurements of amino acid side chains from 1H selective spin-lattice relaxation rates [20]Niccolai, Neri ; M. P., De; S. P., Hehir; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
191990Correlation Times Measurements From Tin-proton Dipolar Interactions - A H-1-nmr Spin-lattice Relaxation StudyNiccolai, Neri ; M., Rustici; A., Bonci; M., Scarselli; P., Neri; A., Brandi; A., Goti; A., Guarna; F., DesarloNot applicable
201984Criteria for beta-turns, alpha-helices and beta-sheet conformations based upon proton-carbon NOEsW. A., Gibbons; P., Mascagni; Niccolai, Neri ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable