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Corsini, Maddalena
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
12015Dicationic μ-diborolyl arene triple-decker complexes [CpCo(μ-1,3-C<inf>3</inf>B<inf>2</inf>Me<inf>5</inf>)M(arene)]<sup>2+</sup> (M = Rh, Ir; Cp = cyclopentadienyl): Synthesis, structures, electrochemistry and bondingMuratov, Dmitry V; Romanov, Alexander S.; Loginov, Dmitry A.; Corsini, Maddalena ; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Kudinov, Alexander R.Not applicable
22004Electronic properties of mononuclear, dinuclear, and polynuclear cobaltacarboranes: Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical studiesFabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Corsini, Maddalena ; Zanello, Piero; Yao, H. J.; Bluhm, M. E.; Grimes, R. N.Not applicable
32017The First Triple-Decker Complex with a Carbenium Center, [CpCo(μ-C3B2Me5)RuC5Me4CH2]+: Synthesis, Reactivity, X-Ray Structure, and BondingMuratov, Dmitry V.; Romanov, Alexander S.; Corsini, Maddalena ; Kudinov, Alexander R.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Siebert, WalterNot applicable
42020Iron(III) complexing ability of new ligands based on natural γ-pyrone maltolFusi, Stefania ; Frosini, M.; Biagi, M.; Zór, K.; Rindzevicius, T.; Baratto, Maria Camilla ; De Vico, Luca ; Corsini, Maddalena Not applicable
52017Methylsulfanyl-Stabilized Rotamers of Cobalt Bis(dicarbollide)Anufriev, Sergey A.; Erokhina, Svetlana A.; Suponitsky, Kyrill Y. U.; Godovikov, Ivan A.; Filippov, Oleg A.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Corsini, Maddalena ; Chizhov, Alexander O.; Sivaev, Igor B.Not applicable
62006Mononuclear Metallacarboranes of Groups 6-10 Metals. Analogues of Metallocenes: Electrochemical and X-Ray Structural AspectsCorsini, Maddalena ; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Zanello, PieroNot applicable
72018More about the redox behavior of late transition metal triple-decker complexes with cyclo-triphosphorusFabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Corsini, Maddalena ; Ienco, Andrea; Peruzzini, Maurizio; Zanobini, FabrizioNot applicable
82018Prebiotic iron–sulfur peptide catalysts generate a pH gradient across model membranes of late protocellsBonfio, Claudia; Godino, Elisa; Corsini, Maddalena ; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Guella, Graziano; Mansy, Sheref S.Not applicable
92005Reactions of the B-phenylborole complex [CpRh(eta5-C4H4BPh)] with metalloelectrophiles [(ring)M]2+Loginov, D. A.; Muratov, V.; Petrovskii, P. V.; Starikova, Z. A.; Corsini, Maddalena ; Laschi, Franco ; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Zanello, Piero; Kudinov, A. R.Not applicable
102015Structures of the conformational isomers and polymorph modifications of N-substituted 2,6-(E,E)-bis(ferrocenylidene)piperid-4-ones: photo- and electrochemically induced E/Z isomerizationRomanov, Alexander S.; Shapovalov, Alexey V.; Angles, Gary F.; Timofeeva, Tatiana V.; Corsini, Maddalena ; Fusi, Stefania ; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia Not applicable
112003Study of ruthenium(II) complexes with anticancer drugs as ligands. Design of metal-based phototherapeutic agentsCini, Renzo; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Defazio, Sandra; Corsini, Maddalena ; Zanello, Piero; Messori, Luigi; Marcon, Giordana; Piccioli, Francesca; Orioli, PierluigiNot applicable
122018Synthesis and structure of bis(methylsulfanyl) derivatives of iron bis(dicarbollide)Anufriev, Sergey A.; Erokhina, Svetlana A.; Suponitsky, Kyrill Yu.; Anisimov, Aleksei A.; Laskova, Julia N.; Godovikov, Ivan A.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Corsini, Maddalena ; Sivaev, Igor B.; Bregadze, Vladimir I.Not applicable
132017Synthesis of 13-vertex dimetallacarboranes by electrophilic insertion into 12-vertex ruthenacarboranesPerekalin, Dmitry S.; Lyssenko, Konstantin A.; Kudinov, Alexander R.; Corsini, Maddalena ; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia Not applicable
142014Synthesis, and electrochemical and density functional studies of new copper(II)- and manganese(II) -oxicam drugs. Redox potentials and MOs compatible with SOD-like activity and unusual six-membered rings of water molecules bridging complex unitsTamasi, Gabriella ; Corsini, Maddalena ; Cini, RenzoNot applicable
152002Synthesis, electrochemical studies, density functional analysis and X-ray structures of trans,cis,cis-[RuCl2(N-methylimidazole)2(SbPh3)2] and trans,cis,cis-[RuCl2(4-methyl pyrimidine)2(SbPh3)2]. The role of C-H…N and C-H...Cl interactions in pyrimidine pairings and in tuning the angular approach of imidazole residues to metalsCini, R.; Bellucci, C.; Tamasi, G; Corsini, Maddalena ; Fontani, M.; Zanello, P.Not applicable
162009Synthesis, structure, electrochemistry, and Mossbauer effect studies of (ring)Fe complexes (ring = Cp, Cp*, and C(6)H(7)). Photochemical replacement of benzene in the cyclohexadienyl complex [(eta(5)-C(6)H(7))Fe(eta-C(6)H(6))](+)Zanello, Piero; Herber, R. H.; Kudinov, A. R.; Corsini, Maddalena ; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Nowik, I.; Loginov, D. A.; Vinogradov, M. M.; Shul'Pina, L. S.; Ivanov, I. A.; Vologzhanina, A. V.Not applicable
172007SYNTHESIS, STRUCTURE, ELECTROCHEMISTRY, AND MÖSSBAUER EFFECT STUDIES OF THE FERRAPHOSPHADICARBOLLIDES [(C5R5)Fe(PC2B8H10)] (R = H, Me)A. R., Kudinov; R. H., Herber; P., Zanello; D. S., Perekalin; I. V., Glukhov; I., Nowik; Corsini, Maddalena ; S., Fedi; Laschi, Franco Not applicable
182004(Tetramethylcyclobutadiene)cobalt Complexes with Five-Electron Carbo- and Heterocyclic LigandsElena V., Mutseneck; Dmitry A., Loginov; Dmitry S., Perekalin; Zoya A., Starikova; Denis G., Golovanov; Pavel V., Petrovskii; Piero, Zanello; Corsini, Maddalena ; Laschi, Franco ; Alexander R., KudinovNot applicable
192017Thioether Iron Complexes [(X-SMe-7,8-C2B9H10)Fe(C6H6)] (X = 9 or 10) as Synthons of Neutral Ferracarborane FragmentsVinogradov, Mikhail M.; Nelyubina, Yulia V.; Corsini, Maddalena ; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Kudinov, Alexander R.; Loginov, Dmitry A.Not applicable
202006Unusual hetero-atomic RhSCNSb(Rh) co-ordination ring. Synthesis and X-ray structure of [Rh(N1,S2-2-thiopyrimidinato)2(S2(Rh),N1(Sb)-2-thiopyrimidinato){Sb(C6H5)3}] and long time sought structure of mer-[RhCl3{Sb(C6H5)3}3],Cini, Renzo; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Defazio, S; Corsini, Maddalena ; Berrettini, Francesco; Cavaglioni, A.Not applicable