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Chiasserini, Luisa
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
11995Chelating agents as potential antitumorals. 2-quinolylhydrazones and bis-2-quinolylhydrazones. ISavini, Luisa; Massarelli, Paola; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Sega, Alessandro ; Pellerano, Cesare; Barzi, A; Nocentini, G.Not applicable
21997Chelating agents as potential antitumorals: alfa-(N)-heterocyclic hydrazones and bis-alfa-(N)-heterocyclic hydrazonesSavini, Luisa; Massarelli, Paola; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Nencini, Cristina; Pellerano, CesareNot applicable
31998Chelating Properties of New Series of Heterocyclic hydrazones. X-ray Crystallography and Mass Spectrometry of Their Metal ComplexesGiorgi, Gianluca ; Savini, Luisa; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Nencini, Cristina; Pellerano, CesareNot applicable
42021Determination of Copper by AAS in Tear Fluid of Patients with KeratoconusCorbini, Gianfranco ; Dreassi, Elena ; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Girolamo, Matteo Maria; Mellace, PierfrancescoNot applicable
52009Development of Antitubercular Compounds Based on a 4-Quinolylhydrazone Scaffold. Further Structure-activity Relationship Studies.Gemma, Sandra ; Savini, Luisa; Altarelli, Maria; Tripaldi, Pierangela; Chiasserini, Luisa ; SANNA COCCONE, Salvatore; Vinod, Kumar; Camodeca, Caterina; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Ettore, Novellino; Sandra, Clarizio; Giovanni, Delogu; Butini, Stefania Not applicable
61994New 1-[quinolyl(4)]-1,2,3-triazoles: synthesis and evaluation of antiinflammatory and analgesic properties. IISavini, Luisa; Massarelli, Paola; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Pellerano, Cesare; Bruni, GiancarloNot applicable
72004New alpha-(N)-heterocyclichydrazones: evaluation of anticancer, anti-HIV and antimicrobial activity.Savini, Luisa; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Travagli, Valter ; Pellerano, Cesare; Novellino, E.; Cosentino, S.; Pisano, M. B.Not applicable
82010New platinum-oxicam complexes as anti-cancer drugs. Synthesis, characterization, release studies from smart hydrogels, evaluation of reactivity with selected proteins and cytotoxic activity in vitroTamasi, Gabriella ; Casolaro, Mario ; Magnani, Agnese ; Sega, Alessandro ; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Messoril,; Gabbiani, C; VALIAHDI S., M; Jakupec, M; KEPPLER B., K; HURSTHOUSE M., B; Cini, RenzoNot applicable
92013Novel Analgesic/Anti-inflammatory Agents: 1,5-Diarylpyrrole Nitrooxyalkyl Ethers and Related Compounds as Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibiting Nitric Oxide DonorsAnzini, Maurizio ; Di Capua, Angela; Valenti, Salvatore; Brogi, Simone; Rovini, Michele; Giuliani, Germano ; Cappelli, Andrea ; Vomero, Salvatore; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Sega, Alessandro ; Poce, Giovanna; Giorgi, Gianluca ; Calderone, Vincenzo; Martelli, Alma; Testai, Lara; Sautebin, Lidia; Rossi, Antonietta; Pace, Simona; Ghelardini, Carla; Di Cesare Mannelli, Lorenzo; Benetti, Veronica; Giordani, Antonio; Anzellotti, Paola; Dovizio, Melania; Patrignani, Paola; Biava, MariangelaNot applicable
102001Novel and potent tacrine-related hetero- and homobivalent ligands for acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesteraseSavini, Luisa; Campiani, Giuseppe ; A., Gaeta; Pellerano, Cesare; C., Fattorusso; Chiasserini, Luisa ; J. M., Fedorko; A., SaxenaNot applicable
112000On the isomerism/tautomerism of hydrazones. Crystal structures, study in solution and theoretical calculation of new series of α-N-heterocyclic hydrazonesGiorgi, Gianluca ; Ponticelli, Fabio; Savini, Luisa; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Pellerano, C.Not applicable
122008Physico-Chemical Characterization of Sesame Oil DerivativesZanardi, Iacopo; Travagli, Valter ; Gabbrielli, Alessandro; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Bocci, VelioNot applicable
132010Properties of sesame oil by detailed 1H and 13C NMR assignments before and after ozonation and their correlation with iodine value, peroxide value, and viscosity measurements.Sega, Alessandro ; Zanardi, Iacopo; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Gabbrielli, Alessandro; Bocci, Velio; Travagli, Valter Not applicable
142008{RuII(NO+)}3+-Core Complexes with 4-Methyl-Pyrimidine and Ethyl-Isonicotinate. Synthesis, X-ray Structure, Spectroscopy, and Computational and NO-Release Studies Upon UVA IrradiationTamasi, Gabriella ; Curci, Matia; Berrettini, Francesco; Justice, Nicholas; Sega, Alessandro ; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Cini, RenzoNot applicable
152009Ruthenium-Thiobase Complexes. Synthesis, Spectroscopy, Density Functional Studies for trans,cis,cis-[RuII(AsPh3)2(N,S-2-Thiopyrimidinato)2] and Structural Analysis of Selected Weak C-H…N and C-H…S InteractionsTamasi, Gabriella ; Defazio, S; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Sega, Alessandro ; Cini, RenzoNot applicable
162003Specific targeting of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase recognition sites. Rational design of novel, selective, and highly potent cholinesterase inhibitors.Savini, Luisa; Gaeta, A; Fattorusso, C; Catalanotti, B; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Pellerano, Cesare; Novellino, E; Mckissic, D; Saxena, A.Not applicable
172005Specific Targeting of Hepatitis C Virus NS3 RNA Helicase. Discovery of the Potent and Selective Competitive Nucleotide-Mimicking Inhibitor QU663G., Maga; Gemma, Sandra ; C., Fattorusso; G. A., Locatelli; Butini, Stefania ; M., Persico; G., Kukreja; Romano, MARIA PIA; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Savini, Luisa; E., Novellino; Nacci, Vito; S., Spadari; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
182005Structural study of ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor hydrazones. Synthesis and X-ray diffraction analysis of a copper(II)-benzoylpyridine-2-quinolinyl hydrazone complexTamasi, Gabriella ; Chiasserini, Luisa ; Savini, Luisa; Sega, Alessandro ; Cini, RenzoNot applicable