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Busi, Elena
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
11999The biodegradation of Aromatic pollutants by heme protein-H2O2 systems: an EPR spin trapping studyBusi, Elena ; Pogni, Rebecca ; Basosi, Riccardo Not applicable
22017Comparative Life Cycle Assessment study on environmental impact of oil production from micro-algae and terrestrial oilseed cropsJez, Sabina ; Spinelli, D.; Fierro, A.; Dibenedetto, A.; Aresta, M.; Busi, Elena ; Basosi, Riccardo Not applicable
31999Complex Rotational Dynamics of the Cu(II)-Bleomycin System in Mobile and Viscous MediaPogni, Rebecca ; Busi, Elena ; DELLA LUNGA, G; Basosi, Riccardo Not applicable
42004Design and photochemical characterization of a biomimetic light-driven Z/E switcherBasosi, Riccardo ; Busi, Elena ; Elisei, F.; Fusi, Stefania ; Latterini, L.; Migani, A.; Olivucci, Massimo ; Pepi, A.; Ponticelli, Fabio; Sampedro Ruitz, D.; Zanirato, V.Not applicable
52012Destabilization of lipid membranes by a Peptide derived from Glycoprotein gp36 of feline immunodeficiency virus: a combined molecular dynamics/experimental studyMerlino, A.; Vitiello, G.; Grimaldi, M.; Sica, F.; Busi, Elena ; Basosi, Riccardo ; D’Ursi, A. M.; Fragneto, G.; Paduano, L.; G. D’Errico, G.Not applicable
62016Environmental sustainability evaluation of innovative self-cleaning textilesBusi, Elena ; MARANGHI, SIMONE; Corsi, Leopoldo; Basosi, Riccardo Not applicable
71999EPR and O2- Scavenger Activity: Cu(II)-Peptide Complexes as Superoxide Dismutase ModelsPogni, Rebecca ; Baratto, Maria Camilla ; Busi, Elena ; Basosi, Riccardo Not applicable
82004EPR Spin Trapping of a radical intermediate in the urate oxidase reactionBusi, Elena ; Terzuoli, Lucia; Basosi, Riccardo ; Porcelli, Brunetta; Marinello, EnricoNot applicable
92007Identification and structural characterization of a transient Radical Species in the Uricase Reaction MechanismBusi, Elena ; Sinicropi, Adalgisa ; Terzuoli, L.; Marinello, E.; Basosi, Riccardo Not applicable
101994In situ ATR/FTIR studies of protein adsorption on polymeric materials: effectiveness of surface heparinisationMagnani, Agnese ; Busi, Elena ; R., BarbucciNot applicable
112006Influence of the Alkyl Tail Lenght on the Anionic Surfactant-PVP interactionA. M., Tedeschi; Busi, Elena ; Basosi, Riccardo ; L., Paduano; G., DerricoNot applicable
122003Influence of the headgroup molecular structure on the anionic surfactant-PVP interaction studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of a cationic nitroxideA. M., Tedeschi; Busi, Elena ; L., Paduano; Basosi, Riccardo ; G., DerricoNot applicable
132004An innovative approach to the design of plastic antibodies: molecular imprinting via a non polari transition state analogue.Busi, Elena ; Basosi, Riccardo ; Ponticelli, Fabio; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
141999Lineshape analysis of heme-protein-derived radicals based on simulation of EPR spectraPogni, Rebecca ; DELLA LUNGA, G; Busi, Elena ; Basosi, Riccardo Not applicable
152002Micellar Aggregation of Sulfonate Surfactants Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of a Cationic Nitroxide: an Experimental and Computational approachTEDESCHI A., M; D'Errico, G; Busi, Elena ; Basosi, Riccardo ; Barone, V.Not applicable
162000Modified cytochrome c/H2O2 system: spectroscopic EPR investigation of the biocatalytic behaviourBusi, Elena ; Howes, B. D.; Pogni, Rebecca ; Basosi, Riccardo ; Tinoco, R.; VAZQUEZ DUHALT, R.Not applicable
172011A novel environmental indicator for monitoring of pesticidesLuchi, F.; Vigni, V.; Basosi, Riccardo ; Busi, Elena Not applicable
182013On the mechanism of ion transport through lipid membranes mediated by PEGylated cyclic oligosaccharides (CyPLOS): an ESR studyBusi, Elena ; Vitiello, G.; Niccoli, M.; Basosi, Riccardo ; Montesarchio, D.; D'Errico, G.Not applicable
192001Oxygen-Ozone in orthopaedics: EPR detection of hydroxyl free radicals in ozone treated “nucleus pulposus” materialBocci, V; Pogni, Rebecca ; Corradeschi, F; Busi, Elena ; Cervelli, C; Bocchi, L; Basosi, Riccardo Not applicable
202007Quantum chemical modeling and preparation of a biomimetic photochemical switchLumento, F.; Zanirato, V.; Fusi, Stefania ; Busi, Elena ; Latterini, L.; Elisei, F.; Sinicropi, Adalgisa ; Andruniow, T.; Ferre, N.; Basosi, Riccardo ; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable