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Risi, Caterina
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
12019Age and Sex Influence the Neuro-inflammatory Response to a Peripheral Acute LPS ChallengeMurtaj, V.; Belloli, S.; Di Grigoli, G.; Pannese, M.; Ballarini, E.; Rodriguez-Menendez, V.; Marmiroli, P.; Cappelli, Andrea ; Masiello, V.; MonteRisi, Caterina ; Bellelli, G.; Panina-Bordignon, P.; Moresco, R. M.Not applicable
22018Avoiding hot-spots in Microwave-Assisted Pd/C catalysed reactions by using the biomass derived solvent γ-ValerolactonePetricci, Elena ; Risi, Caterina ; Ferlin, F.; Lanari, D.; Vaccaro, L.Not applicable
32020In water alkylation of amines with alcohols through a borrowing hydrogen process catalysed by ruthenium nanoparticlesRisi, Caterina ; Calamante, Massimo; Cini, Elena ; Faltoni, Valentina; Petricci, Elena ; Rosati, Filippo; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
42020In Water Markovnikov Hydration and One-Pot Reductive Hydroamination of Terminal Alkynes under Ruthenium Nanoparticle CatalysisRisi, Caterina ; Cini, Elena ; Petricci, Elena ; Saponaro, Simone ; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable