Full Name
Tassone, Giusy
DBCF community
Discipline (SSD)
CHIM/03 - Chimica Generale e Inorganica
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
12019Chemically stable inhibitors of 14-3-3 protein–protein interactions derived from BV02Iralde-Lorente, Leire; Cau, Ylenia; Clementi, Letizia; Franci, Lorenzo; Tassone, Giusy ; Valensin, Daniela ; Mori, Mattia ; Angelucci, Adriano; Chiariello, Mario; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
22020Discovery of ANT3310, a Novel Broad-Spectrum Serine β-Lactamase Inhibitor of the Diazabicyclooctane Class, Which Strongly Potentiates Meropenem Activity against Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacterales and Acinetobacter baumanniiDavies, D. T.; Leiris, S.; Zalacain, M.; Sprynski, N.; Castandet, J.; Bousquet, J.; Lozano, C.; Llanos, A.; Alibaud, L.; Vasa, S.; Pattipati, R.; Valige, R.; Kummari, B.; Pothukanuri, S.; De Piano, C.; Morrissey, I.; Holden, K.; Warn, P.; Marcoccia, F.; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Pozzi, Cecilia ; Tassone, Giusy ; Mangani, Stefano ; Docquier, J. D.; Pallin, D.; Elliot, R.; Lemonnier, M.; Everett, M.Not applicable
32020Discovery of small molecule inhibitors of Leishmania braziliensis Hsp90 chaperoneBatista, F. A. H.; Ramos, S. L.; Tassone, Giusy ; Leitao, A.; Montanari, C. A.; Botta, Maurizio ; Mori, Mattia ; Borges, J. C.Not applicable
42020High-resolution crystal structure of Trypanosoma brucei pteridine reductase 1 in complex with an innovative tricyclic-based inhibitorLandi, Giacomo; Linciano, Pasquale; Tassone, Giusy ; Costi, Maria Paola; Mangani, Stefano ; Pozzi, Cecilia Not applicable
52020Identification of Phosphate-Containing Compounds as New Inhibitors of 14-3-3/c-Abl Protein-Protein InteractionIralde-Lorente, Leire; Tassone, Giusy ; Clementi, Letizia; Franci, Lorenzo; Munier, Claire C; Cau, Ylenia; Mori, Mattia ; Chiariello, Mario; Angelucci, Adriano; Perry, Matthew W D; Pozzi, Cecilia ; Mangani, Stefano ; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
62018Probing the role of Arg97 in Heat shock protein 90 N-terminal domain from the parasite Leishmania braziliensis through site-directed mutagenesis on the human counterpartTassone, Giusy ; Mangani, Stefano ; Botta, Maurizio ; Pozzi, Cecilia Not applicable
72019Structural comparison of enterococcus faecalis and human thymidylate synthase complexes with the substrate dUMP and its analogue FdUMP provides hints about enzyme conformational variabilitiesPozzi, Cecilia ; Ferrari, Stefania; Luciani, Rosaria; Tassone, Giusy ; Costi, Maria Paola; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
82019Targeting Methyltransferases in Human Pathogenic Bacteria: Insights into Thymidylate Synthase (TS) and Flavin-Dependent TS (FDTS)Pozzi, Cecilia ; Lopresti, Ludovica ; Tassone, Giusy ; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable