Atrei, Andrea Massimo

Full Name
Atrei, Andrea Massimo
DBCF community
Discipline (SSD)
CHIM/02 - Chimica Fisica
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
12003Adsorption geometry of sulfur on Ir(110)-c(2x4)SJ., Kroeger; J., Kuntze; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; B., Cortigiani; U., Bardi; G., RovidaNot applicable
22002Adsorption of oxygen on Pt 3Sn(111) studied by scanning tunneling microscopyand x-ray photoelectron diffractionM., HOHEISEL; S., SPELLER; W., HEILAND; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; U., BARDI; G., ROVIDANot applicable
32005Adsorption of oxygen on Pt3Sn 110 studied by STM and LEEDM., Hoheisel; S., Speller; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; U., Bardi; G., RovidaNot applicable
42016Advanced NMR methodologies and micro-analytical techniques to investigate the stratigraphy and materials of 14th century Sienese wooden paintingsDi Tullio, Valeria; Capitani, Donatella; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Benetti, Francesca; Perra, Guido; Presciutti, Federica; Proietti, Noemi; MARCHETTINI, NADIANot applicable
52017Carboxymethylcellulose hydrogels cross-linked with magnetite nanoparticles for the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from waterUVA, MARIANNA; Tambasco, M.; GRASSI, GIACOMO; CORSI, ILARIA; PROTANO, GIUSEPPE; Atrei, Andrea Massimo Not applicable
62011Chemical and Biological Properties of Polysaccharides-Coated Titania Nanoparticles: The Key Role of ProteinsPasqui, Daniela; Golini, Lucia; DELLA GIOVAMPAOLA, Cinzia; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Barbucci, RolandoNot applicable
72014Chemical characterization of protein based binders in painting samples by means of ToF-SIMS: Tests on ancient and model samplesAtrei, Andrea Massimo ; Benetti, Francesca; Gliozzo, Elisabetta; Perra, Guido; Marchettini, NadiaNot applicable
82019Chemical Composition and Micro Morphology of Golden Laminae in the Wall Painting “La Maestà” by Simone Martini: A Study by Optical Microscopy, XRD, FESEM-EDS and ToF-SIMSAtrei, Andrea Massimo ; Scala, Andrea; Giamello, Marco; Uva, Marianna; Pulselli, RICCARDO MARIA; Marchettini, NadiaNot applicable
92006CO sensing with SnO2-based thick film sensors: Surface state model for conductance responses during thermal-modulationFort, Ada; Rocchi, Santina; Mugnaini, Marco; SERRANO SANTOS, M. B.; Vignoli, Valerio; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Spinicci, R.Not applicable
102002Composition and structure of ultrathin vanadium oxidelayers deposited on SnO2(110)Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; T., Cecconi; B., Cortigiani; U., Bardi; M., Torrini; G., RovidaNot applicable
112020Covalent hyaluronic-based coating of magnetite nanoparticles: Preparation, physicochemical and biological characterizationAtrei, Andrea Massimo ; Innocenti, Claudia; Lamponi, Stefania ; Paesano, Serena; Leone, Gemma ; Reale, Annalisa ; Paolino, Marco ; Cappelli, Andrea Not applicable
122004Early Stages of NiO Growth on Ag(001): A Study LEIS, XPS and LEEDM., Caffio; B., Cortigiani; G., Rovida; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; C., GiovanardiNot applicable
132012Effects of epitaxial films of nanometric thickness on the X-ray photoelectron diffraction intensities from substratesAtrei, Andrea Massimo Not applicable
142012Epitaxial growth of TiO2 films with the rutile(110) structure on Ag(100)Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; B., Cortigiani; A. M., FerrariNot applicable
152004Evaluation of biocompatibility of metallic dental materials in cell culture model.Pianigiani, E; Andreassi, A; Lorenzini, Guido; Alessandrini, C; Fimiani, Michele; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Fonzi, L; Giorgetti, R; Sestini, S.Not applicable
162009Experimental and TDDFT Characterization of the Light-Induced Cluster-to-Iron Charge Transfer in the (Ferrocenylethynyl)-Substituted Trinuclear Platinum Derivative [Pt3(μ-PBut2)3(CO)2(Ct≡C-Fc)]+Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Manca, G.; Marchetti, L.; Leoni, P.; Bruzzone, S.; Guidotti, C.; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Albinati, A.; Rizzato, S.Not applicable
172014Gas-sensing properties and modeling of silver doped potassium hollanditeFort, Ada; Addabbo, Tommaso; Vignoli, Valerio; Bertocci, Francesco; Mugnaini, Marco; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Gregorkiewitz, MichaelNot applicable
182005Growth mechanism and structure of nickel deposited on Ag(001)Caffio, M.; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Rovida, G.; Bardi, U.Not applicable
192014Highly efficient solid state catalysis by reconstructed (001) Ceria surfaceV. F., Solovyov; T., Ozaki; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; L., Wu; A., Al Mahboob; J. T., Sadowski; X., Tong; D., Nykypanchuk; Q., LiNot applicable
202009The immobilization of titania nanoparticles on hyaluronan films and their photocatalytic propertiesPasqui, D; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Barbucci, RolandoNot applicable