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Relitti, Nicola
DBCF community
Discipline (SSD)
CHIM/08 - Chimica Farmaceutica
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
12019Autophagy modulators for the treatment of oral and esophageal squamous cell carcinomasKhan, Tuhina ; Relitti, Nicola ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Magnano, S.; Zisterer, D.; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania ; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
22019Bridged bicyclic 2,3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes as antiplasmodial agents: Synthesis, structure-activity relationships and studies on their biomimetic reaction with Fe(II)D'Alessandro, S.; Alfano, G.; Di Cerbo, L.; Brogi, S.; Chemi, Giulia ; Relitti, Nicola ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Lamponi, Stefania ; Novellino, E.; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Gemma, Sandra ; Basilico, N.; Taramelli, D.; Baratto, Maria Camilla ; Pogni, Rebecca ; Butini, Stefania Not applicable
32019Development of novel multipotent compounds modulating endocannabinoid and dopaminergic systemsGrillo, A.; Chemi, Giulia ; Brogi, S.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Relitti, Nicola ; Fezza, F.; Fazio, D.; Castelletti, L.; Perdona, E.; Wong, A.; Lamponi, Stefania ; Pecorelli, A.; Benedusi, M.; Fantacci, M.; Valoti, M.; Valacchi, G.; Micheli, F.; Novellino, E.; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Butini, Stefania ; Maccarrone, M.; Gemma, Sandra Not applicable
42018A Jocic-type approach for a practical and scalable synthesis of pyrrolonaphthoxazepine (PNOX)-based potent proapoptotic agentsFederico, Stefano ; Khan, Tuhina ; Relitti, Nicola ; Chemi, Giulia ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Brogi, Simone; Novellino, Ettore; Zisterer, Daniela M.; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania Not applicable
52019A light in the dark: State of the art and perspectives in optogenetics and optopharmacology for restoring visionChemi, Giulia ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Brogi, S.; Relitti, Nicola ; Butini, Stefania ; Gemma, Sandra ; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
62020Modulation of the Innate Immune Response by Targeting Toll-like Receptors: A Perspective on Their Agonists and AntagonistsFederico, Stefano ; Pozzetti, L.; Papa, A.; Carullo, Gabriele ; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania ; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Relitti, Nicola Not applicable
72020Novel quinolone-based potent and selective HDAC6 inhibitors: Synthesis, molecular modeling studies and biological investigationRelitti, Nicola ; Saraswati, A. P.; Chemi, Giulia ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Brogi, S.; Herp, D.; Schmidtkunz, K.; Saccoccia, F.; Ruberti, G.; Ulivieri, C.; Vanni, F.; Sarno, F.; Altucci, L.; Lamponi, Stefania ; Jung, M.; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania ; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
82020(+)-(R)- and (−)-(S)-Perhexiline maleate: Enantioselective synthesis and functional studies on Schistosoma mansoni larval and adult stagesGuidi, A.; Prasanth Saraswati, A.; Relitti, Nicola ; Gimmelli, R.; Saccoccia, F.; Sirignano, C.; Taglialatela-Scafati, O.; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Ruberti, G.; Gemma, Sandra Not applicable
92019Raising the bar in anticancer therapy: recent advances in, and perspectives on, telomerase inhibitorsSaraswati, A. P.; Relitti, Nicola ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Gemma, Sandra ; Zisterer, D.; Butini, Stefania ; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
102020Retinitis Pigmentosa and Retinal Degenerations: Deciphering Pathways and Targets for Drug Discovery and DevelopmentCarullo, Gabriele ; Federico, Stefano ; Relitti, Nicola ; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania ; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
112020Screening and Phenotypical Characterization of Schistosoma mansoni Histone Deacetylase 8 (SmHDAC8) Inhibitors as Multistage Antischistosomal AgentsSaccoccia, F.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Gimmelli, R.; Relitti, Nicola ; Guidi, A.; Saraswati, A. P.; Cavella, C.; Brogi, S.; Chemi, Giulia ; Butini, Stefania ; Papoff, G.; Senger, J.; Herp, D.; Jung, M.; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Gemma, Sandra ; Ruberti, G.Not applicable
122020Spiroindoline-Capped Selective HDAC6 Inhibitors: Design, Synthesis, Structural Analysis, and Biological EvaluationSaraswati, A Prasanth; Relitti, Nicola ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Osko, Jeremy D; Chemi, Giulia ; Federico, Stefano ; Grillo, Alessandro; Brogi, Simone; McCabe, Niamh H; Turkington, Richard C; Ibrahim, Ola; O'Sullivan, Jeffrey; Lamponi, Stefania ; Ghanim, Magda; Kelly, Vincent P; Zisterer, Daniela; Amet, Rebecca; Hannon Barroeta, Patricia; Vanni, Francesca; Ulivieri, Cristina; Herp, Daniel; Sarno, Federica; Di Costanzo, Antonella; Saccoccia, Fulvio; Ruberti, Giovina; Jung, Manfred; Altucci, Lucia; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania ; Christianson, David W; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
132015Structure-based discovery of the first non-covalent inhibitors of Leishmania major tryparedoxin peroxidase by high throughput dockingBrindisi, Margherita ; BROGI, SIMONE; Relitti, Nicola ; VALLONE, ALESSANDRA; Butini, Stefania ; Gemma, Sandra ; Novellino, Ettore; Colotti, Gianni; Angiulli, Gabriella; Di Chiaro, Francesco; Fiorillo, Annarita; Ilari, Andrea; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
142018Synthetic studies toward bicyclic endoperoxides presenting polar side chainsGemma, Sandra ; di Cerbo, Luisa; Relitti, Nicola ; Vallone, Alessandra; Brindisi, Margherita ; Brogi, Simone; Chemi, Giulia ; Novellino, Ettore; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Butini, Stefania Not applicable
152020Telomerase-based Cancer Therapeutics: A Review on their Clinical TrialsRelitti, Nicola ; Saraswati, Akella P; Federico, Stefano ; Khan, Tuhina ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Zisterer, Daniela; Brogi, Simone; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania ; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable