Centini, Marisanna

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Centini, Marisanna
DBCF community
Discipline (SSD)
CHIM/09 - Farmaceutico Tecnologico Applicativo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
11986Acid-base and metal ion complex formation properties of polymers containing amino-acids residuesBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; NoCentini, Marisanna ; Corezzi, S.; Ferruti, P.; Barone, V.Not applicable
22006Analytical characterization of a ferulic acid/gamma-cyclodextrin inclusion complexAnselmi, Cecilia; Centini, Marisanna ; M., Ricci; A., Buonocore; P., Granata; T., Tsuno; R., MAFFEI FACINONot applicable
32015Antimicrobial Activity and Chemical Composition of Albanian OreganoEdlira, Neza; Centini, Marisanna ; Erjon, MamociNot applicable
42004Antioxidant activity of ferulic acid alkyl esters in a heterophasic system: a mechanistic insightAnselmi, Cecilia; Bernini, A; Buonocore, A; Centini, Marisanna ; Granata, P; MAFFEI FACINO, R; Sega, Alessandro Not applicable
51993Binding of selected odorants to bovine and porcine odorant-binding proteins.DAL MONTE, M.; Centini, Marisanna ; Anselmi, Cecilia; Pelosi, P.Not applicable
62020Bioglea as a sorce of bioactive ingredients: chemical and biologial evaluation.Centini, Marisanna ; Tredici Mario, Roberto; Biondi, Natascia; Buonocore, Anna; Maffei Facino, Roberto; Anselmi, CeciliaNot applicable
71996Comparative conformational and dynamical study of some N-quaternarized UV filters: structure-activity relationships.Anselmi, Cecilia; Centini, Marisanna ; Francioli, M.; Sega, Alessandro Not applicable
82015Composition in Phenolic Compounds of Elderflower from Albania. Investigation of Antimicrobial ActivityEdlira, Neza; Centini, Marisanna ; Dejan, Orcic; Erjon, MamociNot applicable
91992Conformation and dynamics in solution of a N-quaternarized cinnamide derivative: a molecule active as UV filter.Anselmi, Cecilia; Centini, Marisanna ; Scotton, M.; Sega, Alessandro Not applicable
101991Conformation and dynamics in solution of an N-quaternarized benzophenone derivative: a molecule active as filter.Anselmi, Cecilia; Centini, Marisanna ; Scotton, M.; Sega, Alessandro Not applicable
112004Conformational analysis: a tool for the elucidation of the antioxidant properties of ferulic acid derivatives in membrane models.Anselmi, Cecilia; Centini, Marisanna ; Andreassi, Marco ; Buonocore, A; LA ROSA, Caterina; MAFFEI FACINO, R; Sega, Alessandro ; Tsuno, F.Not applicable
121992Crystal structure and conformational analysis of N,N-dimethyl-N-(3-(benzoyl-4-phenoxy)propyl)-N-n-dodecyl-ammonium bromide: molecule acting as UV filter.Anselmi, Cecilia; Centini, Marisanna ; Scotton, M.; Sega, Alessandro Not applicable
132007Cyclodextrins as cosmetic delivery systems.Centini, Marisanna ; Maggiore, M; Casolaro, Mario ; Andreassi, Marco ; MAFFEI FACINO, R; Anselmi, CeciliaNot applicable
141994Effect of sulfur substitution on the floral odor of tetrahydropyranyl and tetrahydrofuranyl ethers.Napolitano, E.; Giovani, E.; Centini, Marisanna ; Anselmi, Cecilia; Pelosi, P.Not applicable
152006Evaluation of antioxidant activity: an in vitro model.Andreassi, Marco ; Stanghellini, E; Mariotti, Giancarlo; Bovalini, Lucia; Centini, Marisanna ; Anselmi, CeciliaNot applicable
162013GC-MS profiling of the phytochemical constituents of the oleoresin from Copaifera langsdorffii Desf. and a preliminary in vivo evaluation of its antipsoriatic effect.Fabrizio, Gelmini; Giangacomo, Beretta; Anselmi, Cecilia; Centini, Marisanna ; Paolo, Magni; Assimiliano, Ruscica; Alberto, Cavalchini; Roberto Maffei, FacinoNot applicable
172015Green Cosmetic Surfactant from Rice: Characterization and ApplicationHanno, Ibrahim; Centini, Marisanna ; Anselmi, Cecilia; Bibiani, ClaudiaNot applicable
181998High-performance liquid chromatography determination of direct and temporary dyes in natural hair colorings.Scarpi, C.; Ninci, F.; Anselmi, Cecilia; Centini, Marisanna Not applicable
192011The human olfactory receptor 17-40: requisites for fitting into the binding pocket.Anselmi, Cecilia; Buonocore, A; Centini, Marisanna ; MAFFEI FACINO, R; Hatt, H.Not applicable
202015Improving photoprotection: 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor MicrosphresCentini, Marisanna ; Miraglia, Giovanna; Quaranta, Valeria; Buonocore, Anna; Anselmi, CeciliaNot applicable