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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2019The Assessment of Landsat-8 OLI Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for Inland WatersWang, Dian; Ma, Ronghua; Xue, Kun; Loiselle, StevenNot applicable
2017Determination of the downwelling diffuse attenuation coefficient of lakewater with the sentinel-3A OLCIShen, Ming; Duan, Hongtao; Cao, Zhigang; Xue, Kun; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; Yesou, HerveNot applicable
2020Drivers to spatial and temporal dynamics of column integrated phytoplankton biomass in the shallow lake of Chaohu, ChinaLi, Jing; Ma, Ronghua; Xue, Kun; Loiselle, Steven Arthur Not applicable
2015A remote sensing approach to estimate vertical profile classes of phytoplankton in a Eutrophic lakeXue, Kun; Zhang, Yuchao; Duan, Hongtao; Ma, Ronghua; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; Zhang, MinweiNot applicable
2017Satellite-Based Estimation of Column-Integrated Algal Biomass in Nonalgae Bloom Conditions: A Case Study of Lake Chaohu, ChinaLi, Jing; Zhang, Yuchao; Ma, Ronghua; Duan, Hongtao; Loiselle, Steven; Xue, Kun; Liang, QichunNot applicable