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1985Confirmation of the Solution Structure of Tyrocidine-a Using Perturbation of Proton Relaxation Rates By Nitroxide Spin LabelsN., Zhou; P., Mascagni; W. A., Gibbons; Niccolai, Neri ; Rossi, Claudio ; H., WyssbrodNot applicable
1978Correlation time measurements of amino acid side chains from 1H selective spin-lattice relaxation rates [20]Niccolai, Neri ; M. P., De; S. P., Hehir; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
1984Criteria for beta-turns, alpha-helices and beta-sheet conformations based upon proton-carbon NOEsW. A., Gibbons; P., Mascagni; Niccolai, Neri ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
1985The Derivation of Carbon-proton Internuclear Distances In Organic Natural-products From C-13 Relaxation Rates and Nuclear Overhauser EffectsNiccolai, Neri ; Rossi, Claudio ; P., Mascagni; W. A., Gibbons; V., BrizziNot applicable
1987The Determination of the Molecular Framework and Conformation of the Calpaurine Alkaloid By 1d-nmr and 2d-nmr MethodsP., Mascagni; W. A., Gibbons; K., Asres; J. D., Phillipson; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
1987Heteronuclear Overhauser Effects - 2d Nmr Measurements of Through Space H-1-c-13 Dipolar Couplings In SolutionNiccolai, Neri ; A., Prugnola; P., Mascagni; Rossi, Claudio ; L., Pogliani; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
1979Internal motions studies of an angiotensin pentapeptide using proton relaxation parameters.Niccolai, Neri ; M. P., Miles; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
1984Proton relaxation mechanisms and the measurements of r phi, r psi and transannular interproton distances in gramicidin S.Niccolai, Neri ; L., Pogliani; Rossi, Claudio ; P., Corti; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
1980Proton spin-lattice relaxation studies of [D-Ala2-Met5]enkephalinNiccolai, Neri ; V., Garsky; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
1982Proton-carbon distance measurements as a mean of simultaneous determination of donor and acceptor moieties and patterns of hydrogen bondsJ. J., Ford; W. A., Gibbons; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
1987Solution and Crystal-structure of Cytisine, A Quinolizidine AlkaloidP., Mascagni; M., Christodoulou; W. A., Gibbons; K., Asres; J. D., Phillipson; Niccolai, Neri ; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
1985The Solution Structure of [ala4]-desdimethylchlamydocin - A H-1-nmr Relaxation StudyP., Mascagni; W. A., Gibbons; D. H., Rich; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
1980Solution structure, dynamics, and proton relaxation mechanisms of natural products and biopolymers. N-acetyl-D-alloisoleucineNiccolai, Neri ; M. P., Miles; S. P., Hehir; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
1982The stereochemistry and dynamics of natural products and biopolymers from proton relaxation spectroscopy: Spin-label delineation of inner and outer protons of gramicidin S including hydrogen bondsNiccolai, Neri ; Valensin, Gianni ; Rossi, Claudio ; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
1980Study of the stereochemistry, relaxation mechanisms, and internal motions of natural products utilizing proton relaxation parameters: Solution and crystal structures of saxitoxinNiccolai, Neri ; H. K., Schnoes; W. A., GibbonsNot applicable
1986Synthesis and Solution Structure of [val3]-hc Toxin By H-1 and C-13 Nuclear-magnetic-resonance Relaxation ParametersP., Mascagni; A., Prugnola; W. A., Gibbons; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable