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2007Association between oxidative stress in pregnancy and preterm premature rupture of membranes.Longini, Mariangela; Perrone, S; Vezzosi, P; Marzocchi, Barbara ; Kenanidis, A; Centini, Giovanni; Rosignoli, L; Buonocore, GiuseppeNot applicable
2009Biomarkers of oxidative stress in babies at high risk for retinopathy of prematurity.Perrone, S; Vezzosi, P; Longini, Mariangela; Marzocchi, Barbara ; Paffetti, P; Bellieni, Cv; Martinelli, S; Buonocore, GiuseppeNot applicable
2006Increased plasma concentrations of activin a predict intraventricular hemorrhage in preterm newborns.Florio, Pasquale; Perrone, S; Luisi, Stefano; Vezzosi, P; Longini, Mariangela; Marzocchi, Barbara ; Petraglia, Felice; Buonocore, GiuseppeNot applicable
2011Isoprostane levels in urine of preterm newborns treated with ibuprofen for patent ductus arteriosus closure.Longini, Mariangela; Perrone, S; Vezzosi, P; Proietti, F; Marzocchi, Barbara ; Buonocore, Giuseppe; Fanos, V; Antonucci, R; Brunoldi, E.Not applicable
2005Isoprostanes in amniotic fluid: a predictive marker for fetal growth restriction in pregnancy.Longini, Mariangela; Perrone, S; Kenanidis, A; Vezzosi, P; Marzocchi, Barbara ; Petraglia, Felice; Centini, G; Buonocore, GiuseppeNot applicable
2002Oxidative stress in preterm neonates at birth and on the seventh day of lifeBuonocore, Giuseppe; Perrone, S; Longini, Mariangela; Vezzosi, P; Marzocchi, Barbara ; Paffetti, P; Bracci, R.Not applicable