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2008Guanidinoneomycin B recognition of an HIV-1 RNA helix.Staple, Dw; Venditti, V; Niccolai, Neri ; ELSON SCHWAB, L; Tor, Y; Butcher, SeNot applicable
2008Measuring the dynamic surface accessibility of RNA with the small paramagnetic molecule TEMPOL.Venditti, V; Niccolai, Neri ; Butcher, SeNot applicable
2009Minimum-energy path for a u6 RNA conformational change involving protonation, base-pair rearrangement and base flipping.Venditti, V; CLOS L., Nd; Niccolai, Neri ; Butcher, SeNot applicable
2004On the dynamics of water molecules at the protein solute interfaces.Bernini, A; Spiga, Ottavia ; Ciutti, A; Chiellini, S; Menciassi, N; Venditti, V; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
2009Probing protein surface accessibility with solvent and paramagnetic moleculesBernini, A; Venditti, V; Spiga, Ottavia ; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
2007Protein-thiol substitution or protein dethiolation by thiol/disulfide exchange reactions: the albumin model.Summa, D; Spiga, Ottavia ; Bernini, A; Venditti, V; Priora, R; Frosali, S; Margaritis, A; DI GIUSEPPE, D; Niccolai, Neri ; DI SIMPLICIO, P.Not applicable
2011A structurally driven analysis of thiol reactivity in mammalian albuminsSpiga, Ottavia ; Summa, D; Cirri, S; Bernini, A; Venditti, V; De Chiara, M; Priora, R; Frosali, S; Margaritis, A; Di, Giuseppe; Di Simplicio, P; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
2006Structurally driven selection of human hepatitis C virus mimotopes.Spiga, Ottavia ; Padula, Mg; Scarselli, M; Ciutti, A; Bernini, Andrea ; Venditti, V; Prischi, F; Falciani, Chiara; Lozzi, Luisa; Bracci, Luisa; Valensin, Pe; Caudai, C; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable