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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2016The citizen science opportunity for researchers and agenciesThornhill, Ian; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; Lind, Katerina; Ophof, DanielNot applicable
2017Citizen scientists supporting environmental research prioritiesLoiselle, Steven Arthur ; Frost, Paul C.; Turak, Eren; Thornhill, IanNot applicable
2017The contribution of volunteer-based monitoring data to the assessment of harmful phytoplankton blooms in Brazilian urban streamsCunha, Davi Gasparini Fernandes; Casali, Simone Pereira; de Falco, PatrĂ­cia Bortoletto; Thornhill, Ian; Loiselle, Steven Arthur Not applicable
2017Getting the full picture: Assessing the complementarity of citizen science and agency monitoring dataHadj-Hammou, Jeneen; Loiselle, Steven; Ophof, Daniel; Thornhill, IanNot applicable
2019Local and landscape influences on turbidity in urban streams: a global approach using citizen scientistsMiguel-Chinchilla, Leticia; Heasley, Eleanore; Loiselle, Steven; Thornhill, IanNot applicable
2018Monitoring Biological and Chemical Trends in Temperate Still Waters Using Citizen ScienceThornhill, Ian; Chautard, Alice; Loiselle, Steven Arthur Not applicable
2017Prioritising local action for water quality improvement using citizen science; a study across three major metropolitan areas of ChinaThornhill, Ian; Ho, Jonathan G.; Zhang, Yuchao; Li, Huashou; Ho, Kin Chung; Miguel Chinchilla, Leticia; Loiselle, Steven Arthur Not applicable