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2010Effects of hydrogen sulfide-releasing L-DOPA derivatives on glial activation: potential for treating Parkinson diseaseLee, M; Tazzari, V; Giustarini, D; Rossi, Ranieri ; Sparatore, A; DEL SOLDATO, P; Mcgeer, E; Mcgeer, PlNot applicable
2010Modulation of thiol homeostasis induced by H(2)S-releasing aspirin.Giustarini, Daniela ; DEL SOLDATO, P; Sparatore, A; Rossi, Ranieri Not applicable
2018The new H2S-releasing compound ACS94 exerts protective effects through the modulation of thiol homeostasisGiustarini, Daniela ; Tazzari, V.; Bassanini, I.; Rossi, Ranieri ; Sparatore, ANot applicable
2008Old and new targets for innovative antimalarial compounds: the different strategies of the Italian Malaria NetworkBasilico, N; Bosisio, E; Buelli, F; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Casagrande, M; Castelli, F; Coghi, P; Corbett, Y; Cortelezzi, L; D'Alessandro, S; Dell'Agli, M; Esposito, F; Fattorusso, C; Fattorusso, E; Finaurini, S; Galli, Gv; Gemma, Sandra ; Habluetzel, A; Lucantoni, L; Melato, S; Monti, D; Olliaro, P; OMODEO SALÈ, F; Parapini, S; Persico, M; Rizzi, M; Romeo, S; Rossi, F; Rusconi, C; Sparatore, A; Scafati, Ot; VAN DEN BOGAART, E; Taramelli, D; Vaiana, N; Yerbanga, S.Not applicable
2009Pharmacological profile of a novel H(2)S-releasing aspirinSparatore, A; Perrino, E; Tazzari, V; Giustarini, D; Rossi, Ranieri ; Rossoni, G; Erdman, K; Schroder, H; DEL SOLDATO, P.Not applicable