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20123,5-Di-t-butyl catechol is a potent human ryanodine receptor 1 activator, not suitable for the diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia susceptibilityLacava, C.; Michalek Sauberer, A.; Kraft, B.; Sgaragli, G.; Sipos, E.; Höller, C.; Kress, H. G.; Fusi, Fabio ; Weigl, L. G.Not applicable
20123,5-Di-t-butylcatechol as a ryanodine receptor agonist in rat intact skeletal muscle fibersLacava, C.; Sgaragli, G.; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable
2006Cancer cell permeability-glycoprotein as a target of MDR reverters: possible role of novel dihydropyridine derivativesFusi, Fabio ; Saponara, S; Valoti, M; Dragoni, S; D'Elia, P; Sgaragli, T; Alderighi, D; Sgaragli, G.Not applicable
2010Cardamonin is a bifunctional vasodilator that inhibits Cav1.2 current and stimulates KCa1.1 current in rat tail artery myocytesFusi, Fabio ; Cavalli, M; Mulholland, D; CROUCH N., R; Coombes, P; Dawson, G; Bova, S; Sgaragli, G.; Saponara, SimonaNot applicable
2012Effects of commonly used protein kinase inhibitors on vascular contraction and L-type Ca2+ currentSaponara, Simona; Fusi, Fabio ; Sgaragli, G.; Cavalli, M.; Hopkins, B.; Bova, S.Not applicable
2020Fine tuning by protein kinases of CaV1.2 channel current in rat tail artery myocytesFusi, Fabio ; Mugnai, P.; Trezza, Alfonso ; Spiga, Ottavia ; Sgaragli, G.Not applicable
2020Ritanserin blocks CaV1.2 channels in rat artery smooth muscles: electrophysiological, functional, and computational studiesFusi, Fabio ; Trezza, Alfonso ; Sgaragli, G.; Spiga, Ottavia ; Saponara, S.; Bova, S.Not applicable
2008Vascular myorelaxing activity of isolates from South African Hyacinthaceae partly mediated by activation of soluble guanylyl cyclaseFusi, Fabio ; Ferrara, A; Koorbanally, C; CROUCH N., R; MULHOLLAND D., A; Sgaragli, G.Not applicable