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2020The beneficial health effects of flavonoids on the cardiovascular system: focus on K+ channelsFusi, Fabio ; Trezza, Alfonso ; Tramaglino, M; Sgaragli, G; Saponara, S; Spiga, Ottavia Not applicable
2011The flavonoid scaffold as a template for the design of modulators of the vascular Cav1.2 channelsSaponara, Simona; Carosati, E; Mugnai, P; Sgaragli, G; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable
2000Heat-stress-induced hyperthermia alters CSF osmolality and composition in conscious rabbits.Frosini, M; Sesti, C; Palmi, M; Valoti, M; Fusi, F; Mantovani, P; Bianchi, L; Della Corte, L; Sgaragli, GNot applicable
2006(+/-)-Naringenin as large conductance Ca2+-activated K+ (BKCa) channel opener in vascular smooth muscle cellsSaponara, Simona; Testai, L; Iozzi, D; Martinotti, E; Martelli, A; Chericoni, S; Sgaragli, G; Fusi, Fabio ; Calderone, V.Not applicable
2011The novel potent multidrug resistance inhibitors N,N-bis(cyclohexanol)amine aryl esters are devoid of vascular effectsSaponara, Simona; Gorelli, B; Tzankova, V; Martelli, C; Teodori, E; Sgaragli, G; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable