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2019Autochthonous white grape pomaces as bioactive source for functional jamsRestuccia, D.; Giorgi, Gianluca ; Gianfranco Spizzirri, U.; Sciubba, F.; Capuani, G.; Rago, V.; Carullo, Gabriele ; Aiello, F.Not applicable
2020Sangiovese cv pomace seeds extract-fortified kefir exerts anti-inflammatory activity in an in vitro model of intestinal epithelium using caco-2 cellsCarullo, Gabriele ; Governa, Paolo ; Spizzirri, U. G.; Biagi, M.; Sciubba, F.; Giorgi, Gianluca ; Loizzo, M. R.; Di Cocco, M. E.; Aiello, F.; Restuccia, D.Not applicable
2020Structural Elucidation and Antimicrobial Characterization of Novel Diterpenoids from Fabiana densa var. ramulosaQuaglio, D.; Corradi, S.; Erazo, S.; Vergine, V.; Berardozzi, S.; Sciubba, F.; Cappiello, F.; Crestoni, M. E.; Ascenzioni, F.; Imperi, F.; Delle Monache, F.; Mori, Mattia ; Loffredo, M. R.; Ghirga, F.; Casciaro, B.; Botta, B.; Mangoni, M. L.Not applicable
2019Vasoactivity of Mantonico and Pecorello grape pomaces on rat aorta rings: An insight into nutraceutical developmentCarullo, Gabriele ; Durante, M.; Sciubba, F.; Restuccia, D.; Spizzirri, U. G.; Ahmed, A.; Di Cocco, ⁠M. E.; Saponara S., ⁠; Aiello, F.; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable
2020Vasorelaxant Effects Induced by Red Wine and Pomace Extracts of Magliocco Dolce cvCarullo, Gabriele ; Ahmed, A.; Fusi, Fabio ; Sciubba, F.; Di Cocco, M. E.; Restuccia, D.; Spizzirri, U. G.; Saponara, S.; Aiello, F.Not applicable