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2020Antihypertensive, cardio-and neuroprotective effects of Tenebrio molitor (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) defatted larvae in spontaneously hypertensive ratsPessina, F.; Frosini, M.; Marcolongo, P.; Fusi, Fabio ; Saponara, S.; Gamberucci, A.; Valoti, M.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Fiorenzani, P.; Gorelli, B.; Francardi, V.; Botta, Maurizio ; Dreassi, Elena Not applicable
2020Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of ester-based quercetin derivatives as selective vascular KCa1.1 channel stimulatorsCarullo, Gabriele ; Ahmed, A.; Trezza, Alfonso ; Spiga, Ottavia ; Brizzi, Antonella ; Saponara, S.; Fusi, Fabio ; Aiello, F.Not applicable
2020In vitro vascular toxicity assessment of NitDOX, a novel NO-releasing doxorubicinDurante, M.; Frosini, M.; Fusi, Fabio ; Gamberucci, A.; Chegaev, K.; Rolando, B.; Riganti, C.; Fruttero, R.; Saponara, S.Not applicable
2018Interference measurements and failure analysis of patch-clamp laboratory instrumentation for electrophysiology testsSaponara, S.; Fusi, Fabio ; Saponara, S.; Macucci, M.; Groza, VNot applicable
2020Ritanserin blocks CaV1.2 channels in rat artery smooth muscles: electrophysiological, functional, and computational studiesFusi, Fabio ; Trezza, Alfonso ; Sgaragli, G.; Spiga, Ottavia ; Saponara, S.; Bova, S.Not applicable
2019The selective rat toxicant norbormide blocks KATP channels in smooth muscle cells but not in insulin-secreting cellsSaponara, S.; Fusi, Fabio ; Spiga, Ottavia ; Trezza, Alfonso ; Hopkins, B.; Brimble, M. A.; Rennison, D.; Bova, S.Not applicable
2020Vasorelaxant Effects Induced by Red Wine and Pomace Extracts of Magliocco Dolce cvCarullo, Gabriele ; Ahmed, A.; Fusi, Fabio ; Sciubba, F.; Di Cocco, M. E.; Restuccia, D.; Spizzirri, U. G.; Saponara, S.; Aiello, F.Not applicable