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20051,5-Diarylpyrrole-3-acetic Acids and Esters as Novel Classes of Potent and Highly Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 InhibitorsBiava, M.; Porretta, G. C.; Cappelli, Andrea ; Vomero, S.; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Botta, Maurizio ; Sautebin, L.; Rossi, A.; Makovec, F.; Anzini, Maurizio Not applicable
2020A deep attention network for predicting amino acid signals in the formation of α-helicesVisibelli, Anna ; Bongini, P.; Rossi, A.; Niccolai, Neri ; Bianchini, M.Not applicable
2005Hyaluronan and sulphated hyaluronan micropatterns: effect of chemical and topographic cues on lymphatic endothelial cell alignment and proliferation.Pasqui, D.; Rossi, A.; Barbucci, Rolando; Lamponi, Stefania ; Weber, Elisabetta; Gerli, RenatoNot applicable
2003Micropatterned polysaccharide surfaces via laser ablation for cell guidance.Barbucci, Rolando; Lamponi, Stefania ; Pasqui, D.; Rossi, A.; Weber, ElisabettaNot applicable
2013A Mn(II)-Mn(II) center in human prolidaseBesio, R.; Baratto, Maria Camilla ; Gioia, R.; Monzani, E.; Nicolis, S.; Cucca, L.; Profumo, A.; Casella, L.; Basosi, Riccardo ; Tenni, R.; Rossi, A.; Forlino, A.Not applicable
2005Role of the Hyal-Cu (II) Complex on Bovine Aortic and Lymphatic Endothelial Cells Behavior on Microstructured SurfacesBarbucci, Rolando; Lamponi, Stefania ; Magnani, Agnese ; Piras, F. M.; Rossi, A.; Weber, ElisabettaNot applicable
2019Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling of novel selective COX-2 inhibitors: sulfide, sulfoxide, and sulfone derivatives of 1,5-diarylpyrrol-3-substituted scaffoldReale, Annalisa ; Brogi, S.; Chelini, A.; Paolino, Marco ; Di Capua, A.; Giuliani, Germano ; Cappelli, Andrea ; Giorgi, Gianluca ; Chemi, Giulia ; Grillo, A.; Valoti, M.; Sautebin, L.; Rossi, A.; Pace, S.; La Motta, C.; Di Cesare Mannelli, L.; Lucarini, E.; Ghelardini, C.; Anzini, Maurizio Not applicable