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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2011A Click Chemistry-Based “Grafting Through” Approach to the Synthesis of a Biorelevant Polymer BrushCappelli, Andrea ; Paolino, Marco ; Grisci, Giorgio; Giuliani, Germano ; Donati, Alessandro ; R., Mendichi; A. C., Boccia; F., Samperi; S., Battiato; Paccagnini, Eugenio; Giacomello, Emiliana; Sorrentino, Vincenzo; M., Licciardi; G., Giammona; Vomero, SalvatoreNot applicable
2014Hyaluronan derivatives bearing variable densities of ferulic acid residuesCappelli, Andrea ; G., Grisci; Paolino, Marco ; Giuliani, Germano ; Donati, Alessandro ; R., Mendichi; R., Artusi; M., Demiranda; A., Zanardi; Giorgi, Gianluca ; Vomero, SalvatoreNot applicable
2005Stimuli-responsive polymers based on L-phenylalanine residues: the protonation thermodynamics of free polymers and cross-linked hydrogelsCasolaro, Mario ; Paccagnini, Eugenio; R., Mendichi; Y., ItoNot applicable
2003Synthesis and Characterization of a New Benzofulvene Polymer Showing a Thermoreversible Polymerization BehaviorCappelli, Andrea ; G., PERICOT MOHR; Anzini, Maurizio ; Vomero, Salvatore; Donati, Alessandro ; Casolaro, Mario ; R., Mendichi; Giorgi, Gianluca ; F., MakovecNot applicable
2004Vinyl Polymers Based on L-Histidine Residues. Part 1. The Thermodynamics of Poly(ampholyte)s in the Free and in the Cross-Linked Gel FormCasolaro, Mario ; S., Bottari; Cappelli, Andrea ; R., Mendichi; Y., ItoNot applicable