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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2008Amidic alginate hydrogel for nucleus pulposus replacementLeone, Gemma ; P., Torricelli; A., Chiumiento; A., Facchini; R., BarbucciNot applicable
1991Antigen-Antibody recognition by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (Attenuated Total Reflection) studies: Biotin-Avidin complex as an exampleR., Barbucci; Magnani, Agnese ; C., Roncolini; S., SilvestriNot applicable
1982Applied MacroInorganics II. Protonation and heavy metal ions complex-formation behavior of three crosslinked resins of poly(amido-amine) structure.P., Ferruti; C., Riolo; T., Soldi; M., Pesavento; R., Barbucci; M., Beni; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
1991Coating of commercial materials with a new heparinizable materialR., Barbucci; Albanese, Antonietta; Magnani, Agnese ; F., TempestiNot applicable
1983Effect of different shielding groups on the polyelectrolyte behaviour of poly (amines)R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; N., Danzo; V., Barone; P., Ferruti; A., AngeloniNot applicable
1995Effect of toluene extraction on BiomerTM surface: I- ESCA, ATR/FTIR, contact angle analysis and biological propertiesN., Nurdin; P., Francois; Magnani, Agnese ; N., Xanthopoulos; H. J., Mathieu; R., Barbucci; P., Vaudaux; P., DescoutsNot applicable
1990FT-IR Measurements in: Conference Report "Workshop on Characterization of Biomaterials in contact with blood"Magnani, Agnese ; C., Roncolini; R., BarbucciNot applicable
1991Heparinized polyurethane surface through ionic bonding of heparinR., Barbucci; Magnani, Agnese ; Albanese, Antonietta; F., TempestiNot applicable
2008Heterotypic interaction of fibroblasts and endothelial cells in restricted areaLamponi, Stefania ; C., DI CANIO; M., Forbicioni; R., BarbucciNot applicable
2010Heterotypic interaction of fibroblasts and endothelial cells on restricted areaLamponi, Stefania ; C., DI CANIO; M., Forbicioni; R., BarbucciNot applicable
1994In situ ATR/FTIR studies of protein adsorption on polymeric materials: effectiveness of surface heparinisationMagnani, Agnese ; Busi, Elena ; R., BarbucciNot applicable
1991An insulin releasing system responsive to glucose: thermodynamic evaluation of permeability propertiesCasolaro, Mario ; R., BarbucciNot applicable
2014Interactions at the CMC/magnetite interface:Implications for the stability of aqueous dispersions and the magnetic properties of magnetite nanoparticlesM., Maccarini; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; C., Innocenti; R., BarbucciNot applicable
1981MacroInorganics 7. Property-structure relationships for polymeric bases whose monomeric units behave independently toward protonationR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; P., Ferruti; F., Lelj; L., OlivaNot applicable
1982MacroInorganics 8. Chelation of copper(II) ion with some new poly(amido- amine)sR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; P., Ferruti; V., BaroneNot applicable
1983MacroInorganics 9. Enthalpies of protonation and Cu(II)-complex formation of some poly(amido amine)sR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; V., Barone; P., Ferruti; M., TramontiniNot applicable
1988Materials containing heparin complexing polymers, physicochemical characterization and compatibilityR., Barbucci; Benvenuti, Manuela ; G., Dal Maso; Magnani, Agnese ; F., TempestiNot applicable
1985New developments in MacroInorganics. The thermodynamics of basic polymersR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; S., Corezzi; M., Nocentini; P., FerrutiNot applicable
1993Physico-chemical surface characterization of Hyaluronic Acid derivatives as a new class of biomaterialsR., Barbucci; Magnani, Agnese ; A., Baszkin; M. L., Da Costa; H., Bauser; G., Hellwig; E., Martuscelli; S., CimminoNot applicable
1989Physiochemical characterization and coating of polyurethane with a new heparin adsorbing materialR., Barbucci; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable