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20013,5-Di-t-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole (DTBHA) activation of rat skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase.Fusi, Fabio ; Tzankova, V; Valoti, Massimo; Pessina, Federica; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRONot applicable
1997Can food antioxidants prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases?Fusi, Fabio ; Marazova, K; Pessina, Federica; Petri, C. AND SGARAGLI G. P.Not applicable
2020Chemical characterization and antihypertensive effects of locular gel and serum of Lycopersicum esculentum L. var. “Camone” tomato in spontaneously hypertensive ratsMarcolongo, Paola; Gamberucci, Alessandra; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Pardini, Alessio ; Bonechi, Claudia ; Rossi, Claudio ; Giunti, Roberta; Barone, Virginia; Borghini, Annalisa; Fiorenzani, Paolo; Frosini, Maria; Valoti, Massimo; Pessina, FedericaNot applicable
2000Cytochrome P450-dependent N-dealkylation of L-deprenyl in C57BL mouse liver microsomes: effects of in vivo pretreatment with ethanol, phenobarbital, beta-naphthoflavone and L-deprenylValoti, Massimo; Fusi, Fabio ; Frosini, Maria; Pessina, Federica; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRONot applicable
2016Design and Synthesis of New Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid Type-1 (TRPV1) Channel Modulators: Identification, Molecular Modeling Analysis, and Pharmacological Characterization of the N-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl)-4-(thiophen-2-yl)butanamide, a Small Molecule Endowed with Agonist TRPV1 Activity and Protective Effects against Oxidative StressAiello, F.; Badolato, M.; Pessina, Federica; Sticozzi, C.; Maestrini, Vanessa; Aldinucci, C.; Luongo, L.; Guida, F.; Ligresti, A.; Artese, A.; Allarà, M.; Costa, G.; Frosini, Maria; Schiano Morello, A.; De Petrocellis, L.; Valacchi, G.; Alcaro, S.; Maione, S.; Di Marzo, V.; Corelli, Federico ; Brizzi, Antonella Not applicable
2003The effect of exposure to high flux density static and pulsed magnetic fields on lymphocyte functionAldinucci, Carlo; BLANCO GARCIA, J.; Palmi, Mitri; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; Benocci, A.; Meini, Antonella; Pessina, Federica; Rossi, Claudio ; Bonechi, Claudia ; Pessina, GIAN PAOLONot applicable
2003The effect of strong static magnetic field on lymphocytesAldinucci, Carlo; J. B., Garcia; Palmi, Mitri; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; A., Benocci; Meini, Antonella; Pessina, Federica; Rossi, Claudio ; Bonechi, Claudia ; Pessina, GIAN PAOLONot applicable
2014Hypoxia induces cell damage via oxidative stress in retinal epithelial cellsCervellati, Franco; Cervellati, C; Romani, A; Cremonini, E; Sticozzi, Claudia; Belmonte, Giuseppe; Pessina, Federica; Valacchi, GiuseppeNot applicable
2018Negative chronotropism, positive inotropism and lusitropism of 3,5-di-t-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole (DTBHA) on rat heart preparations occur through reduction of RyR2 Ca2+ leakPessina, Federica; Gamberucci, Alessandra; Chen, Jialin; Liu, Boyin; Vangheluwe, Peter; Gorelli, Beatrice; Lorenzini, Stefania; Spiga, Ottavia ; Trezza, Alfonso ; Sgaragli, Giampietro; Saponara, SimonaNot applicable
2001Neuroprotection afforded by some hindered phenols and a-tocopherol in guinea-pig detrusor strips subjected to anoxia-glucopenia and reperfusion-like conditions.Pessina, Federica; Kalfin, R.; Esposito, L.; Fusi, Fabio ; Valoti, Massimo; Ponticelli, F.; Sgaragli, G. P.Not applicable
2012A novel CB2 agonist, COR167, potently protects rat brain cortical slices against OGD and reperfusion injuryContartese, Antonella; Valoti, Massimo; Corelli, Federico ; Pasquini, Serena; Mugnaini, Claudia ; Pessina, Federica; Aldinucci, Carlo; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; Frosini, MariaNot applicable
2000On the mechanisms of the antispasmodic action of some hindered phenols in rat aorta ringsFusi, Fabio ; Marazova, K.; Pessina, Federica; Gorelli, Beatrice; Valoti, Massimo; Frosini, Maria; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRONot applicable
2021Pinocembrin and its Linolenoyl Ester Derivative induce Wound Healing Activity in HaCaT cell line potentially involving a GPR120/FFAR4 mediated pathwayMazzotta, Sarah; Governa, Paolo ; Borgonetti, Vittoria; Marcolongo, Paola; Nanni, Claudio; Gamberucci, Alessandra; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Pessina, Federica; Carullo, Gabriele ; Brizzi, Antonella ; Aiello, FrancescaNot applicable
2017Resveratrol: from diet to topical usageChedea, Veronica Sanda; Vicaş, Simona Ioana; Sticozzi, Claudia; Pessina, Federica; Frosini, Maria; Maioli, Emanuela; Valacchi, GiuseppeNot applicable
2012The soy phytoestrogens genistein and daidzein as neuroprotective agents against anoxia-glucopenia and reperfusion damage in rat urinary bladder.Valeri, Aurora; Fiorenzani, Paolo; Rossi, Ranieri ; Aloisi, ANNA MARIA; Valoti, Massimo; Pessina, FedericaNot applicable
2003Synthetic approach, regio- and stereochemical characterisation and differentiation of new potential antioxidant C- and O- arylglycosidesGiorgi, Gianluca ; Ponticelli, Fabio; Salvini, L.; Trendafilova, A.; Valoti, Massimo; Pessina, FedericaNot applicable