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2011Chemical and Biological Properties of Polysaccharides-Coated Titania Nanoparticles: The Key Role of ProteinsPasqui, Daniela; Golini, Lucia; DELLA GIOVAMPAOLA, Cinzia; Atrei, Andrea Massimo ; Barbucci, RolandoNot applicable
2005Fibroblast cell behaviour on bound and adsorbed fibronectin onto hyaluronan and sulphated hyaluronan substratesBarbucci, Rolando; Magnani, Agnese ; Chiumiento, Antonio; Pasqui, Daniela; Cangioli, I; Lamponi, Stefania Not applicable
2004Micropatterned hyaluronan surfaces promote lymphatic endothelial cell alignment and orient their growth.Weber, Elisabetta; Rossi, Antonella; Gerli, Renato; Lamponi, Stefania ; Magnani, Agnese ; Pasqui, Daniela; Barbucci, RolandoNot applicable
2004Micropatterned polysaccharides: A useful tool for cell guidancePasqui, Daniela; Piras, FEDERICA MARIA; Rossi, Antonella; Weber, Elisabetta; Magnani, Agnese ; Barbucci, RolandoNot applicable