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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
1982Applied MacroInorganics II. Protonation and heavy metal ions complex-formation behavior of three crosslinked resins of poly(amido-amine) structure.P., Ferruti; C., Riolo; T., Soldi; M., Pesavento; R., Barbucci; M., Beni; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
1983Effect of different shielding groups on the polyelectrolyte behaviour of poly (amines)R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; N., Danzo; V., Barone; P., Ferruti; A., AngeloniNot applicable
1981MacroInorganics 7. Property-structure relationships for polymeric bases whose monomeric units behave independently toward protonationR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; P., Ferruti; F., Lelj; L., OlivaNot applicable
1982MacroInorganics 8. Chelation of copper(II) ion with some new poly(amido- amine)sR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; P., Ferruti; V., BaroneNot applicable
1983MacroInorganics 9. Enthalpies of protonation and Cu(II)-complex formation of some poly(amido amine)sR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; V., Barone; P., Ferruti; M., TramontiniNot applicable
1982The Mannich bases in polymer synthesis 3. Reduction of poly(b-aminoketone)s to poly(g-aminoalcohol)s and their N-alkylation to poly(g-hydroxy quaternary ammonium salt.A., Angeloni; P., Ferruti; M., Tramontini; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
1985New developments in MacroInorganics. The thermodynamics of basic polymersR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; S., Corezzi; M., Nocentini; P., FerrutiNot applicable
1981Polimeri solfonati, impiego e proprietà come additivi fluidificanti per il calcestruzzoCasolaro, Mario ; R., Barbucci; P., Ferruti; M., Corradi; G., FerrariNot applicable
1981Protonation and complex formation with heavy-metal ions of two tetrafunctional amines and of a new structurally related ion-exchange resinR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; M., Beni; P., Ferruti; M., Pesavento; T., SoldiNot applicable
1986Spectroscopic and calorimetric studies on the protonation of polymeric aminoacidsR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; M., Nocentini; P., FerrutiNot applicable
1984Syntheses and thermodynamic studies on the protonation behaviour of polymers containing acylpiperazinyl units in the backbone or in the side chain of a vinyl polymer.R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; P., Ferruti; M., Tanzi; L., Grassi; C., BarozziNot applicable
1986Synthesis and thermodynamic studies of two new polymers carrying amido and amino groups in the side chainsR., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; M., Nocentini; G., Reginato; P., FerrutiNot applicable
1982Synthesis of tertiary poly(amido-amine)s with amido- and amino groups randomly arranged along the macromolecular chain.L., Rusconi; M., Tanzi; P., Ferruti; L., Angiolini; R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
1982Thermodynamics of protonation and complex formation of multifunctional polymers.R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; R., Danzo; M., Beni; V., Barone; P., FerrutiNot applicable