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2010Coupling of cationic olefin complexes of platinum(II) with potential ambident nucleophilesBarone, C. R.; Cini, Renzo; DE PINTO, S.; DI MASI, N. G.; Maresca, L.; Natile, G.; Tamasi, Gabriella Not applicable
2007First Crystal and Molecular Structure and Circular Dichroism of a Pure LHT Rotamer of cis-Pt(amine)2(nucleotide)2Benedetti, M; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Cini, Renzo; Natile, G.Not applicable
2007The First Pure LHT Rotamer of a Complex with a cis-[Metal(nucleotide)2]Unit: A cis-[PtACHTUNGTRENUNG(amine)2(nucleotide)2] LHT Rotamer with Unique MolecularStructural FeaturesBenedettiv, M.; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Cini, Renzo; Marzilli, L. G.; Natile, G.Not applicable
2008NMR and X-ray Structural Characterization of a Cisplatin Analogous Able to Slow Down the Pt-N7 Rotation of a Coordinated Guanine Base by a Billion Times: the 2,2'-Bipiperidine(dimethylmalonato)platinum(II) ComplexINTINI F., P; Cini, Renzo; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Hursthouse, Mb; Natile, G.Not applicable
2010X-ray structural characterization of the bis-guanine derivative of a cisplatin analogue having just one proton on each coordinated nitrogen and a head-to-head conformation: [Pt{(±)-N,N'-dimethylbutane-2,3-diamine}(9-ethyl-guanine)2]dinitrateIntini, F. P.; Cini, Renzo; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Hursthouse, M. B.; Marzilli, L.; Natile, G.Not applicable