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2017Photoinduced excitation and charge transfer processes of organic dyes with siloxane anchoring groups: a combined spectroscopic and computational studyCastellucci, E.; Monini, M.; Bessi, M.; Iagatti, A.; Bussotti, L.; Sinicropi, Adalgisa ; Calamante, M.; Zani, L.; Basosi, Riccardo ; Reginato, G.; Mordini, A.; Foggi, P.; Di Donato, M.Not applicable
2017Synthesis of Silatrane-Containing Organic Sensitizers as Precursors for Silyloxyl Anchoring Group in Dye Sensitized Solar CellsBessi, Matteo; Monini, M.; Calamante, M.; Mordini, A.; Sinicropi, Adalgisa ; Basosi, Riccardo ; Di Donato, M.; Foggia, P.; Iagatti, A.; Zani, L.; Reginato, GiannaNot applicable