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2010Competition between histamine-like and poly-imidazole coordination sites for Cu2+ and Zn2+ ions in zebra-fish peptide of prion-like proteinMigliorini, Caterina; Witkowska, D; Valensin, Daniela ; Kamysz, W; Kozlowski, H.Not applicable
2009The complex-formation behaviour of His residues in the fifth Cu2+ binding site of human Prion protein: a close lookM., Remelli; Valensin, Daniela ; D., Bacco; E., Gralka; R., Guerrini; Migliorini, Caterina; H., KozlowskiNot applicable
2011Exploring the reactions of b-Amyloid (Ab) peptide 1-28 with AlIII and FeIII ionsValensin, Daniela ; Migliorini, Caterina; Valensin, Gianni ; Gaggelli, Elena ; La Penna, G; Kozlowski, H; Gabbiani, C; Messori, L.Not applicable
2015Impact of SDS surfactant on the interactions of Cu(2+) ions with the amyloidogenic region of human prion proteinHecel, Aleksandra; Migliorini, Caterina; Valensin, Daniela ; Luczkowski, Marek; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable
2008NMR Studies of the Zn2+ Interactions with Rat and Human β-Amyloid (1-28) Peptides in Water-Micelle EnvironmentGaggelli, Elena ; JANICKA KLOS, A; Jankowska, E; Kozlowski, H; Migliorini, Caterina; Molteni, E; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni ; Wieczerzack, E.Not applicable
2007Structural and dynamic characterization of Cu(II) binding of the human prion protein (hPrP) outside the octarepeat regionF., Berti; Gaggelli, Elena ; R., Guerrini; A., Janicka; H., Kozlowski; A., Legowska; H., Miecznikowska; Migliorini, Caterina; Pogni, Rebecca ; M., Remelli; K., Rolka; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2008Structural characterization of the intra- and inter-repeat copper binding modes within the N-terminal region of "Prion Related Protein" (PrP-rel-2) of Zebrafish.Gaggelli, Elena ; Jankowska, E; Kozlowski, H; Marcinkowska, A; Migliorini, Caterina; Stanczak, P; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2008Structural features of the Cu2+ complex with the rat Aβ(1-28) fragmentGaggelli, Elena ; Grzonka, Z; Kozlowski, H; Migliorini, Caterina; Molteni, E; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2005Structure and Stability of the Cu(II) Complexes with tandem repeats of the Chicken PrionP., Stanczak; Valensin, Daniela ; P., Juszczyk; Z., Grzonka; Migliorini, Caterina; E., Molteni; Valensin, Gianni ; Gaggelli, Elena ; H., KozlowskiNot applicable
2005Unusual binding ability of vancomycin towards Cu2+ ions.Swiatek, M; Valensin, Daniela ; Migliorini, Caterina; Gaggelli, Elena ; Valensin, Gianni ; JEZOWSKA BOJCZUK, M.Not applicable