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2002The Interaction of the 5-HT3 Receptor with Arylpiperazine, Tropane, and Quinuclidine Ligands.Cappelli, Andrea ; Anzini, Maurizio ; Vomero, Salvatore; Mennuni, L.; Makovec, F.; Hamon, M.; DE BENEDETTI, P. G.; Menziani, M. C.Not applicable
2017Multivalent ligands for the serotonin 5-HT4 receptorCastriconi, Federica; Paolino, Marco ; Donati, Alessandro ; Giuliani, Germano ; Anzini, Maurizio ; Mennuni, L.; Sabatini, C.; Lanza, M.; Caselli, G.; Makovec, F.; Sbraccia, M.; Molinari, P.; Costa, T.; Cappelli, Andrea Not applicable
2002Novel Potent 5-HT3 Receptor Ligands Based on the Pyrrolidone Structure. Effects of the Quaternization of the Basic Nitrogen on the Interaction with 5-HT3 ReceptorCappelli, Andrea ; Gallelli, A.; Braile, C.; Anzini, Maurizio ; Vomero, Salvatore; Mennuni, L.; Makovec, F; Menziani, M. C.; DE BENEDETTI, P. G.; Donati, Alessandro ; Giorgi, Gianluca Not applicable
2002Novel potent 5-HT3 receptor ligands based on the pyrrolidone structure: synthesis, biological evaluation, and computational rationalization of the ligand-receptor interaction modalitiesCappelli, Andrea ; Anzini, Maurizio ; Vomero, S.; Mennuni, L.; Makovec, F.; Doucet, E.; Hamon, M.; Menziani, M. C.; De Benedetti, P. G.; Giorgi, Gianluca ; Ghelardini, C.; Collina, S.Not applicable