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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2020A Class of Potent Inhibitors of the HIV-1 Nucleocapsid Protein Based on Aminopyrrolic ScaffoldsCiaco, S.; Humbert, N.; Real, E.; Boudier, C.; Francesconi, O.; Roelens, S.; Nativi, C.; Seguin-Devaux, C.; Mori, Mattia ; Mely, Y.Not applicable
2019Excited-State Dynamics of Thienoguanosine, an Isomorphic Highly Fluorescent Analogue of GuanosineMartinez-Fernandez, L.; Gavvala, K.; Sharma, R.; Didier, P.; Richert, L.; Segarra Marti, J.; Mori, Mattia ; Mely, Y.; Improta, R.Not applicable
2019A Molecular Tool Targeting the Base-Flipping Activity of Human UHRF1Zaayter, L.; Mori, Mattia ; Ahmad, T.; Ashraf, W.; Boudier, C.; Kilin, V.; Gavvala, K.; Richert, L.; Eiler, S.; Ruff, M.; Botta, Maurizio ; Bronner, C.; Mousli, M.; Mely, Y.Not applicable
2019Synthesis and Evaluation of Bifunctional Aminothiazoles as Antiretrovirals Targeting the HIV-1 Nucleocapsid ProteinMori, Mattia ; Dasso Lang, M. C.; Saladini, F.; Palombi, Nastasja ; Kovalenko, L.; De Forni, D.; Poddesu, B.; Friggeri, L.; Giannini, A.; Malancona, S.; Summa, V.; Zazzi, M.; Mely, Y.; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2020What makes thienoguanosine an outstanding fluorescent DNA probe?Mely, Y.; Kuchlyan, J.; Martinez-Fernandez, L.; Mori, Mattia ; Gavvala, K.; Ciaco, S.; Boudier, C.; Richert, L.; Didier, P.; Tor, Y.; Improta, R.Not applicable