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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2018Chemical tailoring of Single Molecule Magnet behavior in films of Dy(III) dimersCimatti, Irene; Yi, Xiaohui; Sessoli, Roberta; Puget, Marin; Guennic, Boris Le; Jung, Julie; Guizouarn, Thierry; Magnani, Agnese ; Bernot, Kevin; Mannini, MatteoNot applicable
2018Room temperature control of spin states in a thin film of a photochromic iron(ii) complexPoggini, Lorenzo; Milek, Magdalena; Londi, Giacomo; Naim, Ahmad; Poneti, Giordano; Squillantini, Lorenzo; Magnani, Agnese ; Totti, Federico; Rosa, Patrick; Khusniyarov, Marat M.; Mannini, MatteoNot applicable