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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
1999BILOGICAL PERFORMANCEOF TWO MATERIALS BASED ON SULFATED HYALURONIC ACID AND POLYURETHANEMagnani, Agnese ; Lamponi, Stefania ; M., Consumi; Barbucci, RolandoNot applicable
2000Immobilisation of sulphatede hyaluronan for improved biocompatibilityBarbucci, Rolando; Magnani, Agnese ; R., Rappuoli; Lamponi, Stefania ; M., ConsumiNot applicable
2012IN VITRO BIOCOMPATIBILITY OF NEW PVA-BASED HYDROGELS AS VITREOUS BODY SUBSTITUTESLamponi, Stefania ; Leone, Gemma ; M., Consumi; G., Greco; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable
2003Polysaccharides based hydrogels for biological applicationsBarbucci, Rolando; M., Consumi; Lamponi, Stefania ; Leone, Gemma Not applicable
2010Realisation and chemical characterisation of a model system for saccharide-based biosensor.Leone, Gemma ; M., Consumi; A., Tognazzi; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable